Renault’s Resurgence Will Be on Daniel Ricciardo’s Mind Ahead of His McLaren Switch: Brawn

October 13, 2020 3:25 pm

Daniel Ricciardo grabbed his first podium with the French constructors at Nurburgring. The racer had been chasing it for weeks, and the Eifel Grand Prix brought the Australian some respite. No matter how bummed he may be from forgetting about his iconic ‘shoey’, the joy must have been inexplicable.

However, this late podium with Renault begs the question of whether the Honeybadger’s move to McLaren in the wake of a thorough rejig at the Enstone-based outfit is a sound decision.

Race fans all over the world await Ross Brawn’s following each Grand Prix. This week, he tackled the Ricciardo-McLaren conundrum. He is certain that Daniel Ricciardo can adjust in any situation and pull out the best from it.

Will Ricciardo be regretting his decision to leave Renault for McLaren? I don’t think he’s that way inclined. He left Red Bull and went to Renault, after all.

“His character is such that he sits down and carefully weighs up his situation and then makes a decision and sticks to it,complimented the managing director at Formula 1.

Brawn has been around the grid for a long, long time; therefore, his word on any matter concerning the sport is highly valuable. When he rests his utter confidence on the Aussie, there is nothing that McLaren has got to worry about.

Daniel Ricciardo has in fact lived up to the description of Brawn and even McLaren boss Zak Brown is happy to have him on his team.

Like all of us, he may have off moments where he has sat and thought about it, but I think he will commit to the new team in a massive way,” commented Ross Brawn

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Daniel Ricciardo and Renault worked hard to get here

Since 2019, Renault and Ricciardo have coalesced into a solid alliance and their efforts have certainly paid off. The podium on Sunday was a long time coming, and he deserved it.

Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany – October 11, 2020 Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo celebrates with sparkling wine on the podium after finishing in third place alongside race winner Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton Pool via REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

“I’ve felt for a while, Renault were promising but never delivering consistently but I have to say since we returned to racing in July, they have started to deliver and the team looks like it has a very nice upward trajectory,” explained Ross Brawn.

Brawn is confident that rebranded Renault-Alpine will bring a tough fight to the tracks from next year. The team has been practicing hard and preparing for Fernando Alonso’s return.

They know that with Alonso in the cockpit, there is no room for error. Thus they are already striving hard to please the Spaniard.

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