Sebastian Vettel in a “Shock” Battling a “Big Mental Thing” at Ferrari: Rosberg

October 13, 2020 5:44 pm

Sebastian Vettel is on edge at this moment, his ego is bound to take a hit the moment he is compared to a youngster, and understandably so. If dropping him from the team wasn’t enough, Ferrari went on and signed a 5-year contract with Charles Leclerc.

The differences between him and his team aren’t the only reason behind the racer’s downfall. To aggravate situations, he has to tolerate a car that has been underperforming.

The SF1000 is a weapon for Charles Leclerc, and the Monegasque has been wielding it well. However, the German has not enjoyed the same fate.

Nico Rosberg, the former racer at Mercedes sympathizes with Vettel and outlines the basic problems haunting the 4-time World Champion at Ferrari.

And although as a former racer himself, Rosberg may understand the nuances of a relationship like that of Ferrari and Vettel, it is highly unlikely for the critics to be so considerate.

First of all, these cars are much more nervous than we’ve ever seen; The rear sometimes just snaps, and you can’t feel it. And that takes away confidence from drivers a lot.

“Sebastian has always been a driver who needs a stable rear end, he needs confidence in the rear end,” said Rosberg to Sky F1.

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Ferrari’s decisions have affected Sebastian Vettel and his performance

Much like Vettel, Nico himself has been on the other end of the spectrum. Therefore, he is well aware of how fatal a rivalry can get if it incubates long enough.

The team also has Leclerc as their God, and he’s not the God anymore. That’s also a big spiral downwards, and that’s a big shock.

“He was the number one for Ferrari, for the whole country, and suddenly there’s this young Leclerc, signed on a five-year contract. I think it’s a big mental thing as well,added the German.

Formula One F1 – Eifel Grand Prix – Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany – October 10, 2020 Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in action during practice Pool via REUTERS/Matthias Schrader

He may not realize it, but his confidence has always to played a colossal role. Without one’s self-belief intact, they’re nothing but a recipe for disaster on the tracks.

I think he’s gone into a big negative spiral. Things start small, one big mistake when you’re in the lead in Hockenheim, another one here, another one there, and then it starts to become a big avalanche,” concluded Rosberg.

Vettel is aware of his state, and he is preparing for the worst. Every Sunday he sits in the cockpit, hoping to turn things around; however, his unfortunate fate seemed to have latched onto him for good.

A new start may offer him an opportunity at redemption, but that too remains circumstantial at best.

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