Mercedes Cleverly Bait F1 Fans With a “BREAKING” Lewis Hamilton Announcement

November 2, 2020 1:22 pm

Mercedes have done it again. As a fan, one might wonder what the greatest satisfaction for the Silver Arrows’ Twitter handle might be. I’ll tell you, it is successfully teasing its fans and followers. They keep poking us with their sharp humor and we fall into the trap every time.

There have been several rumors about Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes. The Germans are delaying it, but none knows why. It could be just to build suspense around the affair, or maybe nothing is sure. Whatever be the case, the fans eagerly wait for some news and Mercedes Twitter used it against us.

One of their tweets today read, BREAKING: Lewis Hamilton… ‘s dog Roscoe is now officially part of the Team.” Another reply followed this, “Sorry to the notifications squad, but we just had to.” They pranked us again, and here we got fooled by them.

The manner in which the team phrased the text, it was natural to think it was about Hamilton’s contract extension. However, it was just an announcement of Roscoe making it to the team. I agree that even that is important but please, this is just the limits of teasing your fans Mercedes AMG.

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Hamilton uncertain of the future at Mercedes

Mercedes and Hamilton are at crossroads. The fate of the Briton at the German camp is uncertain for now. To elaborate, Mercedes are certain that they want Lewis to stay back. However, as Mercedes goes through a team rearrangement, Lewis is in a dilemma. He faces a lack of confidence as Toto Wolff might not be there.

The press darted the question about his contract to Lewis several times. Adding to that, they did the same to the Mercedes team, but they have still kept it under a shroud of mystery. No one has announced anything about the Briton’s future with the Silver Arrows. This, therefore, gave the opportunity to the Twitter handle.

The fans have gone crazy reacting to the tweet. Honestly, it was a nasty joke, given the situation. The replies collectively asked one question, and that was – why Mercedes why? However, jokes apart, the Mercedes Twitter handle keeps us entertained the entire season. Their hilarious tweets and digs on Ferrari have cracked us always, and we hope it stays the same next year.

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Indrasish Ganguly

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