WATCH: Esteban Ocon Pits in the McLaren Box Instead of Renault in Imola Free Practice

October 31, 2020 4:49 pm

It happened again. One of the most embarrassing acts on the grid. Many great racers have fallen prey to this, and this time it was Esteban Ocon. The Frenchman was boxing after Practice 1 at Imola when he accidentally ended up in McLaren box. Yet, he was only half asleep as he realized it soon and made his way ahead.

This blunder at the starting of the two-day race weekend isn’t a good sign for Ocon. Amidst several drivers, even Ocon’s seat at Renault suffered doubt. No one has pursued the topic so far. However, if the Renault No.31 is so absentminded, he will definitely face the critics.

As they prepare to race with Alonso next season, Renault are beyond making mistakes, according to the team Principal. However, considering a careless Esteban Ocon, the signs say something different altogether. A useful tip would be to have a good night’s sleep and not sleep in the cockpit. Else the Frenchman won’t have to go far for hate, Alonso would be enough.

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Lewis Hamilton made the same mistake as Esteban Ocon in 2013

Lewis Hamilton is another victim of this mistake. Back in 2013, Lewis had made a fresh transfer to the Silver Arrows. After having raced and learned at the English Camp, Lewis made way to Mercedes.

However, old love is hard to forget. Lewis felt at home at McLaren, and maybe he still wanted to wave to his former crew.

Lost in thoughts, when Lewis boxed for the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix, he made a colossal mess. Instead of going to the Germans, Lewis took his Mercedes into the McLaren box. He was so lost in memories that the crew had to wave him past to make him realize he was at the wrong place.

Honestly, it is hard for a racer. Day in day out, racing in a confined space with legs jutted together, it can tire. Even the entire concept of weekend races itself. Just think about it. The entire world relaxes, and here are F1 pilots driving at 300km/h around tight chicanes. Well, even if such a blunder happens, it shouldn’t be made fun of. How can fans help themselves, though? It is hilarious and for a pilot in an F1 car; it is disgraceful.

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