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“It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero,” sang Taylor Swift, but who would have known that she’d be linked to Formula 1’s self-proclaimed Anti Hero? Fernando Alonso, who proudly calls himself the bad guy, has been linked to Miss Americana for very random reasons up until now. Interestingly, the latest ‘hopeful’ rumor mill has been started because of Miss Tay Tay’s own words.

Last year, a gossip column called Deux Moi put out an unverified rumor about Swift dating Alonso which took over the entire F1 world for weeks. Everyone knew it was fake, but nonetheless, they played into the hands of the gossip as well.

While Daniel Ricciardo called it BS, Fernando seemed to enjoy the rush. He was scoring podiums left, right, and center to add to that high and even trended on Twitter for weeks due to his supposed link with Miss Swift. This introduced a very new section of the world to the Spanish driver and the world of racing. However, given that there was no truth to the situation, the fun and rumors died down, eventually. But come 2024, it seems to have resurrected again!


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Aston Martin has become the center of attention, thanks to Taylor Swift

Taylor dropped ‘her latest studio album ‘of Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology’ and, as expected, the world is drowning in the singer-songwriter’s brilliance. But for F1 fans like us, one particular song called ‘iamgonnagetyouback’ has suddenly become a favorite. Why? It has a supposed FERNANDO ALONSO REFERENCE. Well, almost, as one the lines in the song reads, “I am an Aston Martin”. And that’s all it took to brew a social media storm.

The fans were quick to jump to conclusions. It was the best fake match made in heaven. While stating that the Aston Martin reference was definitely for Alonso, some were just happy with the reference.


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Some fans even took it as a sign and jumped on last year’s bandwagon, ‘confirming’ the dreamy relationship.


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But relationship or not, this reference has definitely rocked the F1 world, which is currently racing in Shanghai for the 2024 Chinese GP! What do you think the line meant? Let us know in the comments below!

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