Hours After Max Verstappen’s $3,000,000 Excursion, Lewis Hamilton’s Adventure Leads to Surprising Comparison

Published 08/20/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are arguably the two greatest drivers on the grid with a combined 9 titles and 148 wins in total. The Dutchman is compared to the 7x champion in almost every aspect. This means not only the on-track comparison but also the off-track comparison. Similarly, Lewis Hamilton’s recent adventure led to a surprising comparison just hours after Max Verstappen’s $3 million excursion. What was the comparison?

While Lewis Hamilton is a model, producer, entrepreneur, rapper, and whatnot off-track, Max Verstappen has his own e-sports racing team. This comparison was recently extended when Lewis Hamilton took the newly launched Mercedes AMG GT out for a spin. However, just hours after, Max Verstappen took his $3 Million hypercar out for a ride around the famous streets of Monaco. Yes, we’re talking about the Aston Martin Valkyrie. 


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Surprisingly, just a couple of hours after Max Verstappen’s video of driving the 1140 HP Adrian Newey-designed hypercar came out, Lewis Hamilton uploaded a post on Instagram where he can be seen driving a dirt bike around while wearing red shorts and a white tank top. The caption for the post was “Cheers to this time offline, talk soon~.” 

However, Hamilton’s attire while riding the dirt bike led to a striking comparison as fans bombarded the comments section. But what was the comparison about, and who was Hamilton compared to? Let’s find out.

Lewis Hamilton’s shocking comparison with the gaming world character 

The 7x World Champion’s outfit made him look strikingly similar to the GTA San Andreas character CJ (Carl Johnson). CJ is one of the protagonists in the game and, by default, is seen wearing a white tank top similar to what Hamilton was wearing while riding the dirt bike. Fans were quick to draw this comparison as the comment section was flooded with GTA and CJ-related comments. Let’s see what the fans had to say:

“Hamilton in GTA😂”


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“CJ in GTA San Andreas”

“CJ with the Sanchez in GTA”

“Gta San Andreas CJ”

“Lewis looks like GTA character on the bike”

“CJ irl”

“Cs is you?!😂😂😂”

“I thought it was about to be CJ from GTA San Andreas😭”


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”U be lookin like a gta character in the 1st one”

“lewis going to motogp”

There were also some who suggested that Lewis looked good on the dirt bike as they advised that the Brit is going to be taking part in the MotoGP championship.


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While Max Verstappen is the one who owns an Esports team, Lewis Hamilton was the one compared to a video game character. What did you make of this comparison?


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