Who Will be The Strongest Team in Codemasters’ F1 2020 Game?

April 21, 2020 8:43 pm

Last week Codemasters gave us the first glimpse of the upcoming F1 2020 game and we can’t wait for more. This will be the first time when the game will be launched before the actual season starts. And everyone has this question in mind “How will Codemasters decide the team/driver performance without any actual race data?”.

Former F1 mechanic and journalist Marc Priestly gave us an answer in his recent Youtube #askelvis video.

Replying to one Twitter users question Marc said that he sent he query to Codemasters and got the answer. According to the Codemasters people, they have been using last years data, winter testing data and personal information from teams to set the performance metrics for the F1 2020 game.

The statement said, “We are going off the end of last year, potential best times from testing plus we have spoken with the F1 teams to see if our expectations match with theirs.”

Based on the Winter testing data we can predict that the Mercedes will remain the best team in the game. However, Ferrari and Red Bull F1 might be a lot closer in performance. And don’t be surprised if you see Racing Point F1 closing in on the top three in the game.

Additionally, they have assured that they will update the performance when the season starts and they get the race data.

“As always, we will launch and update them accordingly”

Codemasters still got some surprises up their sleeve with F1 2020 game

Codemasters also said that some more details about the game will be releasing as the launch date comes closer.

“We are not talking about all the features of F1 2020 yet, so still have things to reveal”

Marc Priestley is a former McLaren F1’s mechanic. For an astounding ten years, Marc was a part of McLaren’s amazing pitstop team and their Number One Mechanic. During his time he was working closely with top drivers. For instance, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkönnen. He was a key member of the group in McLaren that helped Lewis Hamilton win the World Champion in 2008. Marc left the group in 2009 to seek a career in media.

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