2026 is going to be a huge year for Formula 1. Along with completely new engine regulations and the entry of an Audi works team, the sport finds itself with a potential blockbuster American invasion. As things stand, the storied Andretti name will partner with General Motors to field an Andretti-Cadillac F1 team in 2026. That being said, there are still a lot of things to iron out for this to become a reality. But the single most important aspect of this entry may already have been finalized. It would appear that an engine manufacturer has already been engaged by the duo and this goes a long way in terms of signaling an intent to take the sport by storm.

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It’s all well and good when it comes to expressing an intention to compete at the pinnacle of motor racing. However, the Andretti-Cadillac venture has supposedly gone that extra step ahead by finalizing arguably the most important aspect of a Formula 1 car. The heart and soul, the engine.


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According to the Race, Michael Andretti revealed, “It’ll be more of a collaboration with another manufacturer” while talking about their engine plans. Mark Reuss, GM’s president shed some more light on the matter. He revealed that there exists a “signed agreement with a power unit supplier to begin with”.

If the reports are to be believed, except for Audi, there isn’t really a chance to see a completely new engine manufacturer enter the frame come 2026. That being said, who is this mystery engine manufacturer Andretti and General Motors keep bragging about?

A straight fight between two F1 engine manufacturers for Andretti-Cadillac joint venture

This newly announced American super-team is probably the most exciting thing to happen in the off-season. That being said, what is even more tantalizing is the question about the mystery engine supplier that the duo has announced as already signed up!


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The Race reports, “The indication is it is an existing manufacturer, not any potential newcomer. So, the logical assumption is it is Renault. Another name has been linked with a 2026 partnership: Honda. This connection is rooted in the collaboration between Honda and General Motors on electric vehicle battery technology that first began in 2018.” 

That being said, according to the GM boss, F1 fans shouldn’t get too excited about a full-blown Honda-F1 reunion. He said, “Obviously we do have a large partnership with Honda, but we also compete against Honda in series like IndyCar as well.”


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How excited are you to see the famed Andretti name back on the F1 grid?

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