Kimi Raikkonen Pokes Fun at Lewis Hamilton on Instagram In a Savage Throwback

September 17, 2020 11:45 am

A meme of Lewis Hamilton and former world champion James Hunt has been circulating all over social media for the last couple of days. The meme somehow grabbed the attention of Kimi Raikkonen as he shared it through his story on Instagram. He also hilariously posted a picture of himself as a reply and captioned it as “Not all hope is lost yet“.


The meme holds a collage of two pictures. One portrays a shirtless James Hunt, who is holding a Smoke between his fingers and enjoying a drink.

The other portrays the reigning world champion, Lewis Hamilton, in his matching dress outfit. He poses for the picture while riding on his scooter. The meme also had a caption that said “Evolution of Formula 1 Driver.

Kimi Raikkonen, who considers James hunt as his hero, posted the meme as a story through his Instagram handle. But he did not stop there and went on to post a picture of himself as another story.

Similar to how Hunt looked in the meme, Kimi is also seen holding a smoke in his hand. Kimi himself made a meme out of the picture he posted.

He also wrote an amusing caption that read, “Don’t worry, not all hope is lost yet.” He used this meme to show that there is still a James Hunt in him.

Kimi Raikkonen: a big James Hunt fan

Formula One F1 – Italian Grand Prix – Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy – Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen during a press conference | Courtesy: FIA/Handout via REUTERS

Kimi Raikkonen has always hinted that James Hunt was his hero. In 2007, he entered a snowmobile race under the name “James Hunt”. 2007 was also the year he won his first world championship title.

In 2012, while driving for the Lotus Formula 1 team, he paid tribute to James Hunt during the blue-riband event. During the event in Monaco, as a tribute to James Hunt, Kimi wore the helmet that had the same design as James during his  Formula 1 career in 1976.

Rohit Kumar

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