Let’s begin with a quick question – Whom would you consider as ‘tattoo enthusiasts’ in F1? We’d bring up two big names, considering both flaunt visible tattoos on the bodies; Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo. The former, in specific, almost has tattoos of variable sizes inked all over his body.

And of course, the latter revealed his love for tattoos through his bet with the former Renault team principal, Cyril Abiteboul. However, what if we tell you these aren’t the only drivers that have tattoos inked on their bodies and instead the list is fairly long?

So, let’s start with Hamilton and Ricciardo.


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Daniel Ricciardo tattoos

The Honey Badger carries quite the collection of tattoos, most of them inked on his thighs (4 to be precise). One of them portrays a female racer, then, there’s the ‘sword to the heart’ tattoo with the words ‘Mum Papa’ engraved on it. The third tattoo is of a couple kissing.

And the final tattoo is of a ship which reads ‘No Regrets Only Memories’.


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Ricciardo even revealed that the ‘ship’ tattoo was his first ever. “My first tattoo was on my quad. It’s quite big and I thought, ‘okay, I’m gonna get something big and that way, it’ll be like the only tattoo I’ll ever get. But, it’s gone a lot since then. 

But, it says ‘No regrets only memories’. The image kind of correlates with me leaving my home, chasing my dream, travelling around the world,” he said.

Apart from the tattoos on the upper thighs, Ricciardo also has a few that he considers as memorabilia. For instance, Ricciardo has an Eagle tattoo that he got in the United States, there is one from Perth, Canada, England and many others.

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Lewis Hamilton tattoos

The Briton’s love for art began when one of his sisters married a tattoo artist. The most famous tattoo of all is on Hamilton’s back; a guardian angel flanking a large cross with the words ‘Still I Rise’ written on top of the art.

On the right arm, Hamilton has tattoos of a guardian angel, a sacred heart and a rendering of Michelangelo’s Pieta. There are words ‘family’ and ‘faith’ on his shoulders. On the left side of his chest, there is a huge tattoo of a lion. He also has a Rose on his ribs as a tribute to his late aunt.

On the top of his hands, there are some interesting arts like a swordsman’s sign, an hourglass, the symbol of his star sign, Capricorn, sacred geometry, and alchemy symbols.

Other F1 drivers with tattoos

Fernando Alonso revealed that he got his first tattoo, a samurai, on his back that runs down the spine from the back of his neck. “It was a samurai on the back and I think that was in 2011,” he said.

Of course, Kimi Raikkonen has a handful of tattoos as well, mostly on his forearms. It all began with the tattoo of his own son, Robin Raikkonen, on his right arm followed by the wording ‘Iceman’ which depicts his ice-cool personality.

Meanwhile, Lance Stroll has a Hebrew tattoo on his rib that roughly goes by the meaning, ‘fortune favors the bold’.


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Other F1 drivers like Esteban Ocon, Lando Norris, and Sebastian Vettel admitted that they would get one in the future. Vettel, in specific, is wishing his first tattoo would be that of an Iron Man.

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