F1 ‘Expectations’ Helped Turn Around Yuki Tsunoda’s Worrying Daily Routine

Published 05/25/2022, 1:28 PM EDT

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Yuki Tsunoda came into Formula 1 with a huge reputation. Known for his bold overtaking ability and, of course, his aggressive comments on the radio, the Japanese arguably failed to light up the 2021 season. His career in F1 started brightly, but he endured a downward curve towards the end of the season.

While it’s all part and parcel of the sport, the AlphaTauri driver revealed that he also had a lavish lifestyle last year. That certainly did not help the young Tsunoda. After a strong 4th place finish in Abu Dhabi last year, he has started the new season in a solid fashion.

The 22-year-old believes the change was imminent after moving from England to Italy – where AlphaTauri’s headquarters is present. He also mentioned that a couple of F1 drivers, further helped him to build confidence on the track.


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Yuki Tsunoda opens up on his difficult situation in 2021

Things went downhill for Tsunoda towards the end of the 2021 season. Subsequently, question marks were raised over his ability in F1. As a result, the AlphaTauri principal instructed him to move to Italy to monitor his progress closely.

via Reuters

Speaking on the situation, the Japanese said, “It’s not just a story – it’s true. It wasn’t good when I lived in England. I got up, played on the Playstation and then ordered something to eat. I played Playstation again and then ordered something to eat again.”

“Of course we also had training, but it was a somewhat lazy lifestyle. Then Franz Tost persuaded me to move closer to the team in Italy. That made me better in many things.”

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The move has certainly benefited him. Tsunoda’s drive in the Imola GP and his battle against Hamilton was widely appreciated. He is also currently ahead of his teammate Gasly in the standings.

Tsunoda names two drivers who helped him to improve

Formula 1 can be a harsh experience as the margin for errors are small. Moreover, Tsunoda revealed that his entire season was a tough learning experience.

“The big thing in the learning curve was expectations. I got into Formula 1 quickly and scored points straight away. I figured it’s all easy. Then I also had crashes, which was also why the performance suffered after that,” he stated.


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However, he also revealed that his teammate Pierre Gasly and current Williams driver Alex Albon were there to help him as he went through a difficult period.


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The 22-year-old added, “Pierre helped me a lot, like how he told me how he slowly approaches the car over a weekend. Before, I had always tried to immediately go for the perfect lap. So I changed that. Alex Albon is also a great teacher.”

Yuki Tsunoda is an exciting talent, without a doubt. With tough races coming up, can he improve his results as the season progresses? We will have to wait and watch.



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