F1 Fans Puts “Clown Fest” Alpine Under Fire for Igniting Fresh Rumors With Latest Tweet Amidst Links to Daniel Ricciardo

Published 08/24/2022, 9:15 AM EDT
Formula One F1 – Canadian Grand Prix – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, Canada – June 19, 2022 Alpine’s Fernando Alonso in action during the race REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

The 2022 summer break left the fans scratching their heads, trying to keep up with the drama of the silly season. At the heart of this off-track nuance was Alpine, who were caught out of the blue by an astounding move from the 41-year-old Fernando Alonso.


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The Spaniard jumped ship with no prior notice to the team, and to make amends, the Enstone outfit announced Oscar Piastri to fill in for Alonso in 2023. However, it was a short-lived promotion for the Aussie, as in a few hours he released a statement that denied any agreement with Alpine on his behalf.


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This set up a stir in the F1 paddock and linked many driver names to fill in the vacancy in the Enstone camp. The new name that emerges is the British-Irish comedian, Jimmy Carr. Recently, alongside the stars of the sports-based-comedy show, ‘A league of their own’, Carr visited the Silverstone track for a taste of the racing action.

Alpine, who saw the video emerging on social media, took to Twitter and said, “These Silly season rumours keep on coming….”

The F1 fans were quick to put the French racing stable under fire as a fan reacted by commenting, “bro you started the rumours”

Unfortunately, for Alpine, the criticism did not stop there as the fans continued to show their dissent over Twitter.

“You’re the ones that started this whole mess though”

“Not saying anything but you are the drama love”

“alpine just became a meme”

“youre not the one to tweet this”


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Do you think the fans are just putting the blame on Alpine?

Jimmy Carr wears the Alpine racing suit

A league of their own is a standard panel quiz show where two teams, the Red and Blue team, compete for points awarded in three rounds, to find the overall winning team by points total.

The most recent guest on the program was Jimmy Carr, who joined Joel Dommett, Micah Richards, and Alice Powell at the Silverstone circuit for their latest challenge. The Briton was a surprise reveal as he wore a racing suit and helmet badged with Alpine.

As soon as he removed his helmet, the panel was dumbfounded by his presence as they exclaimed “Oh its Jimmy Carr…It’s Jimmy Carr everybody” and followed it up with a chant, “Put it on, Put it on, Put it on” 

Later, Joel Dommett raised the question, “What are you doing here? He’s got no experience” 

To which the British comedian replied, “I’m the reigning champion on A league of their own” 


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Nevertheless, in an off-track clip, Dommett presented his true opinion by saying, “I’ve gotta be honest, when I saw Jimmy Carr’s face, I was hoping for you know Damon Hill….anybody” and continued to show disappointment by asking Carr, “So you’re going to teach us how to do it? I mean….”

Carr interrupted the English actor by exclaiming, “Yeah I am a legend on the track”

The banter between the Englishman did not stop there, as Dommett took a dig at Carr by adding, “He’s like a crash test dummy, isn’t he? look at his face!” 


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Would you fancy seeing Jimmy Carr in an F1 car?



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