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F1 Pundit Rules out Ferrari F1 After Unimpressive Day at Testing

F1 Pundit Rules out Ferrari F1 After Unimpressive Day at Testing


Ferrari F1 was the 1st team to uncover it’s 2020 Formula 1 vehicle. Team boss Mattia Binotto says the car’s design is “extreme” as they try to challenge for the title.

The Italian group battled in 2019, winning just three races as Mercedes F1 ruled, yet Binotto trusts they can step forward this season.

He stated: “It may look similar to last year’s, but it’s completely different. We have been as extreme on the concept as we could, to look for the maximum aerodynamic performance first.”

Aerodynamic features were the region where Ferrari F1 slacked most in 2019. Their vehicle was quick in a straight line, incompletely down to the most remarkable motor, yet additionally in light of the fact that it needed downforce contrasted with Mercedes and Red Bull.

Binotto said this had been a significant concentration for the new vehicle. It is known as the SF1000, to mirror the way that Ferrari will praise their 1,000th World Championship Grand Prix this season.

2020 season for Ferrari F1

There were rumors that that data from the 2020 car coming out of the simulator and wind tunnel has not impressed the engineers. Moreover, it was said that the data from the wind tunnel is actually “worse” than is being reported. Reports came out that “The car could have a serious error in the aerodynamics. Neither the simulator specialists nor the wind tunnel engineers have been able to solve.”

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Although, the issue could be that Ferrari F1 has gone the Red Bull course with a lofty rake point at the base of the vehicle.

It helps you in several areas,” explained former F1 designer Gary Anderson. “But if just one little thing is wrong, there is a chain reaction from the front wing. Then you have a serious problem that is not easy to solve.”

Gary Anderson has commented on Ferrari F1 today after the 1st day of Pre-Season testing.

“The more of the Ferrari I am seeing the less impressed I am with it. It might be speaking up too early but don’t see the big step that’s going to allow them to compete with Red Bull and Mercedes, and I have put those two teams in that order for a reason…”

He believes that Ferrari F1 is still not taking the big step it needs to take in order to compete with the likes of Red Bull Racing and Mercedes F1. It is too early to comment on this situation.

Sebastian Vettel took an unexpected leave on the 1st day after he was feeling unwell. Charles Leclerc took the SF1000 for the spin. Currently, he sits on the 11th position with Lewis Hamilton leading the chart. He has done 123 laps and has a gap of 1.313s from the leader.

Generally, teams concentrate more on data gathering on the 1st day rather than going flat out for speed.


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