F1 Technical Director Takes a Dig at Toto Wolff and Mercedes for Opposing Reverse Grid Races

June 5, 2020 4:55 pm

The 2020 season is all set to kick start on the 5th of July with two back to back Austrian Grand Prix’s. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton will be looking to continue their dominance in F1. They’ll also be expecting a tougher title fight than last season. Additionally, the FIA has discussed the possibility of reverse grid races to spice up F1. However, the only team to vote against that idea was Mercedes. The Silver Arrows’ Team Principal, Toto Wolff hates that idea.

Here’s what Ross Brawn makes of Wolff’s opposition to the idea of reverse grid racing.

“We’re are chasing a seventh championship, why would I give up that opportunity”- Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff

Ross Brawn, the technical director of Formula One spoke to Autosport. Regarding why the reverse grid plan failed he said, “ We couldn’t (say yes to reverse grid races) because of Mercedes.”

during the meeting Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff had said, ” We’re in what we think is the best competitive position, we’re chasing a seventh world championship, why would I give up that opportunity I have? Because this proposal will put me in a far more difficult position.”

In response to that statement, Brawn said, “ I understood and I respected it. I wish that he would have taken a bigger view but he didn’t. I think all the stuff that came out afterward was just fog.

Ross Brawn definitely aimed a barb at Wolff. But to be fair to Wolff it’s understandable why he was against it. Why would Mercedes want to lose the advantage they have, just because they are better than other teams? If other teams want to make F1 interesting they can start investing in a better car. This would probably have been Wolff’s thought process.

On the other hand, the other teams especially the smaller ones would have thought that it only levels the playing field. If Mercedes have a bigger budget then they’ll have a better car and since the have the best car on the grid, why not put it to the test.

However, as of now, this plan has been shelved. So those who wanted to see how long the Williams drivers can keep ahead of guys like Lewis, they’ll have to make do with seeing the Williams cars compete with one another.


Ronan Carvalho

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