F1 Throwback: Michael Schumacher’s Podium Rampage after Running out of Champagne

November 27, 2020 6:52 pm

At the 2000 Belgium Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen put up an unforgettable fight for the win. Hakkinen performed arguably one of the best overtaking maneuvers to snatch the win from Schumacher.

After a hot qualifying condition, Hakkinen, driving for McLaren, qualified at the pole position. Michael Schumacher qualified at P4. At the end of the race, Mika Hakkinen emerged victorious, followed by Michael Schumacher in P2. Ralf Schumacher completed the podium, having started from P6.

At the podium celebration, the Schumacher brothers were spraying champagne over each other. However, Michael’s champagne bottle ran out. In a hilarious turn of events, he then snatched his brother’s bottle and emptied it all over Ralf himself to celebrate the podium.

Mika Hakkinen’s epic overtake on Michael Schumacher

The race started after rain with a safety car on damp tracks. Mika Hakkinen was leading the race from the start. However, he spun over a damp patch, allowing Schumacher to take the lead. Come lap 40, Hakkinen caught up to Schumacher and made a move against the German.

Schumacher pushed the Finn with an aggressive defense as the pair touched and Hakkinen’s front wing took damage. Hakkinen got another shot at the Ferrari, and what followed is considered as one of the most epic overtakes in Formula 1 history.

This time, they ran into traffic as they were lapping BAR’s Ricardo Zonta. Zonta’s car was taking up valuable space on the track. Schumacher was briefly behind BAR’s slipstream before moving left and passing the car. However, Hakkinen overtook both the cars at a speed of 321 kph and judged his breaking perfectly to claim the win.

Reports state, “It was an instantly iconic move, and a huge blow for Schumacher both in terms of the championship, and an on-track victory for a driver often considered less than a match for Schumacher’s formidable racecraft.

In the pits, Hakkinen also spoke to Schumacher and let him know what he thought about his aggressive defending as both touched at 320 kph. The race also took Hakkinen to the top of the Championship table. However, Michael Schumacher ended Hakkinen’s double championship run and marked the beginning of his F1 domination.

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