F1 Throwback : When Sebastian Vettel’s F1 Debut Nearly Ended in Tears

June 17, 2020 10:39 pm

Today marks 13 years since Sebastian Vettel made his debut in Formula 1 at the United States Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver has lately been going through various ups and downs. Possibly the lowest point of his career. Regardless, he is a world champion of all standards.

The F1 official Twitter handle, today uploaded a short video of the German’s first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It shows him racing for BMW, for whom at first, he has a bad start but eventually finishes at 8th. Thus, breaking former McLaren driver, Jenson Button’s record of being the youngest to score a point in Formula 1.



Subsequently, it also shows the initial lack of faith by both commentators and his team. “He has no reference point down there, but he got away with it”, says the commentator at first. After which he changes to “Sebastian Vettel, the point-scoring teenager in P8”. Thus, at the same time, subtly highlighting his transition from an ordinary substitute to a 4-time world champion.

Looking back at Sebastian Vettel’s iconic achievements


In the year 2010, he became the youngest F1 world champion, while racing for Red Bull. He also became the third driver, only behind James Hunt and John Surtees to win a World Championship while not being the table leader at any previous point.

2013, marked his 4th straight title when he sealed his victory in the Indian Grand Prix. After which he also set the record for most consecutive race wins when he won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Despite these remarkable accolades, the very next season saw the beginning of his downfall. After numerous problems with his car, the season went on to be a horrific one. Vettel became the first defending champion since Williams legend Jacques Villeneuve in 1986, to not win a single race, the following season.

Post that, he signed for Ferrari which unfortunately did not go in his favor. His 4 year-long stint, so far with the Prancing Horses has rather been a devastating one. Will his final term with them turn out to be his redemption? Only time will tell.

Nevertheless, Vettel is still one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1. Despite all the mentioned factors possibly making it his last ever season, 2020 is also the perfect opportunity for him to show how the sport as well as Ferrari, remembers him.

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