‘F1 Took Arrogant Approach’: Las Vegas GP Slammed for Prioritizing Glitz & Glamour Over Racing

Published 11/14/2023, 10:01 AM EST

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The Las Vegas Grand Prix, a beacon in the neon desert, shimmered with the allure of the extraordinary, an inaugural event racing down the famed Strip. Yet, beneath its glittering facade, a storm of discontent brewed. For many, this Grand Prix wasn’t just a race; it was a mirror reflecting Formula 1’s shifting priorities.

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Embarking on this journey, let’s first gaze at the ticket prices. For those seeking the full splendor of the event, the high-end weekend experience reaches a staggering $11,000 USD. This includes a 3-day Trackside Suite Hospitality and a luxurious hotel stay. The Official Ticket Packages offer a wide range, starting at $1,699 and soaring up to $40,000, encompassing the opulence of Las Vegas. The three-day passes available elsewhere start at a lower, yet still significant, $2,000, and even the cheapest tickets command $500 for a three-day general admission pass. These figures don’t just whisper but shout exclusivity, transforming the Grand Prix into a symbol of extravagance.

Voicing the fans’ dilemma: The price of Las Vegas Grand Prix


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Amidst this backdrop, Matt from the P1 with Matt & Tommy podcast articulated a sentiment felt by many. He spoke of the event’s “naive” yet “arrogant” approach, highlighting the exorbitant pricing as a barrier to true F1 enthusiasts. He expressed, “I think, you know, we said about the naive approach, but it’s also quite an arrogant approach, I think, as well, with how high they’ve tried to price this Grand Prix.”

“That’s never happened before. Yes, it’s the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, well, technically not, there was one in the car park, but there was, you know, the new generation. Yeah. Okay, cool, it’s really great and everything, but you’re pricing out a lot of people that might, that true F1 fans that may want to go and visit Vegas on a once-in-a-lifetime experience have to pay thousands upon thousands of pounds just to be able to go and experience it. Why would they? Go to Hungary, you know, you get in for a couple of hundred quid and it’s one of the best experiences you’ll have.”


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This narrative draws a stark contrast between the Las Vegas Grand Prix’s shimmering spectacle and the traditional, more accessible soul of F1 racing. It points to a growing divide, questioning whether the sport is veering too far towards spectacle, leaving behind the true essence that has long fueled the passion of its fans.

Las Vegas Grand Prix ticket trends

Despite the initial enthusiasm, ticket prices have seen a notable decrease as the event neared. Originally, grandstand seats were slated to be priced between $2,000 and $2,500, with shared hospitality areas reaching as high as $8,000 to $10,000. This adjustment in pricing, coinciding with changes in hotel rates near the race circuit, suggests a recalibration in response to market dynamics and consumer sentiment​.

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In addition to the varied ticket pricing for the race itself, the event also offered single-day tickets for specific ceremonies and attractions. These tickets started at a more accessible price of $165, allowing a broader range of fans to participate in the festivities surrounding the Grand Prix. As the event drew closer, further price reductions were observed, indicating a continued effort to adapt to the fluctuating market and ensure accessibility to a wider audience.

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The Las Vegas Grand Prix shows F1’s willingness to venture into new territories. The fluctuating ticket prices, from the initial high-cost offerings to the subsequent reductions, illustrate the complex interplay of expectation, demand, and market realities. As the engines rev up and the lights go down on the Strip, this race will ask a question: Can it be a showcase of adaptability and spectacle, true to the spirit of Las Vegas itself?



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