Fans Rue Nico Rosberg Curse as Charles Leclerc & Lewis Hamilton Become Latest Targets at Monaco GP

Published 05/28/2022, 9:12 AM EDT

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The seventh race weekend of the 2022 season has begun with the practice sessions of the Monaco GP. It would be a battle between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc for the 2022 championship title. Further, homeboy Leclerc is the favorite to win the race in the principality, and even Nico Rosberg has similar thoughts.

The 2016 World Champion believes the 24-year-old Monegasque will win the Monaco race. The Ferrari man was the championship leader but lost the lead at the Spanish GP last week. After a great start to the race, Leclerc had a DNF, and, as a result, Verstappen won the race and took the championship lead.


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Now, winning the home GP would again give Leclerc the lead back in the Championship. Rosberg shared a photo of him cycling in Monaco and revealed his prediction for the upcoming GP. The former Mercedes driver wrote, Who you think is going to take the win? I think Leclerc is going to have a spectacular weekend here.”

Fans react to Nico Rosberg’s Monaco GP prediction

Rosberg has become famous because of his predictions. However, he isn’t famous because his predictions come true. He is famous because whoever he predicts to win usually ends up not finishing.

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As soon as the former F1 driver shared his predictions about Leclerc winning the race, the fans showcased their rage and annoyance at the world champion. The fans believe Rosberg jinxed the race for Leclerc. One fan even congratulated Max for winning the race, as Leclerc might not even finish it.

After Rosberg had dropped the prediction, a fan even asked him not to bet on Leclerc. So, the Brit changed his prediction to former Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. However, the fan comment was later deleted.

Charles Leclerc won’t take risks at Monaco GP

Leclerc lost his championship lead after retiring from the Barcelona race last week because of an MGU-H and Turbo glitch. The Monegasque is gearing up for the home race, which he has never finished in his career.


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Leclerc secured pole last season but failed to convert it into a race win. He took lots of risks which led to a DNF. So, he would be refusing to take risks this season. Charles said, “Of course, it will. Last year, I took a lot of risks. I knew I needed a miracle to get to the front row.”

But since he already has a potential championship-winning F1-75 this time around, there will be no need for him to push his car that hard.


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If Leclerc wins the home race, he will get back the championship lead against Verstappen. Do you expect the Monegasque driver to win?



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