Fernando Alonso Would Return to F1 out of Fear : Former F1 Driver

June 7, 2020 4:20 pm

Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya believes Fernando Alonso would only return to F1 with the fear of possibly losing out on a seat forever. With Renault in search of a replacement for Daniel Ricciardo, Alonso is the perfect candidate to take his place. However, things aren’t as simple for both parties in signing a potential agreement for 2021.

“If he doesn’t come back, he never comes back”: Montoya on Fernando Alonso

When Fernando Alonso bowed out of F1 at the end of 2018, it always felt like there was more to come. Such is Alonso’s talent, that two World Championships feel insufficient. For a driver of Alonso’s caliber, many believed he would surpass Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 World Championships.

Sadly, Alonso’s final season at McLaren and eventual F1 exit felt ‘tame’. Now, the Spaniard has a second chance to make things right and sign off from F1, potentially with better results. However, Renault isn’t the way to go.

In joining Renault, Alonso would simply be opening a can of worms, that’ll leave a sour taste in his mouth. Fans can’t forget that Fernando originally quit the sport a frustrated man after a tiring stint with McLaren.

Re-joining F1 with a midfield team that’s showing no proper potential at 38 years old, would just be another cycle of pain for the Spanish driver. However, Montoya thinks Alonso’s potential return is driven by fear over results.

If Alonso passes up the opportunity to return, it could be his last. Will Alonso return to F1 simply because he wants to drive in the pinnacle of motorsport by any means?

“The problem of going back there is that he is going to go back to what he had at McLaren, which was the reason that brought him out of F1, that he wanted to win.”

 “The only reason to go back is because if he doesn’t come back, he never comes back,”

“And with the hope that suddenly Mercedes for next year would give him something.

“But Renault is not going to sign it if there is no way. If I were Renault, I would go again for Hulkenberg or something like that” said Montoya, speaking to Motorsport.com

An interesting analogy, but for now, we can only wait.

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