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WATCH: Lando Norris Has a Scary Moment During Free Practice in Mugello

WATCH: Lando Norris Has a Scary Moment During Free Practice in Mugello

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza was the audience to some crude action in tracks. Charles Leclerc crashed into the barriers and was out of the race in no time. The streak continued this week as well in the Tuscan Grand Prix. Lando Norris crashed between turn 3 and turn 4 during the 2nd free practice session

Norris was wheezing past turn 3 when he ran off into the gravel spread run-off area causing his car to lose control and ultimately crash into the barriers. Luckily Norris is unhurt but the accident could have been worse as he had some real speed behind his wheels.

“First shunt at Mugello, Lando Norris has crashed between Turn 3 and Turn 4. Reports he’s OK, but doesn’t think he can make it back to the pits”, the tweet read.

The crash from Lando Norris caused the red flag to be applied in the Tuscan Grand Prix.

He’s gonna skew the car as we can see here. kept his footing, I think when he’s gone on the gravel he had a little twitch of the apex wide really wide, luckily he ran down the barriers for a long time before he finally tapped it. For the audience, the red flag for the session”

Lando Norris has been phenomenal for McLaren

Norris started off the season with a bang. The third-place finish in Austria boosted his confidence and he looked hungry for more. Except for the 13th place finish in Hungary, he’s looked solid in his race and capable of holding the podium for a few more times. He came real close during the weekend in Monza. Although, he had to settle for a 4th place finish behind Lance Stroll of Racing Point. Apart from these, he’s been consistent with his performance ranking up the top 10 positions in the grid.

Lando Norris has 9 races left including the one at Tuscany. With 57 points, he has already surpassed his previous season’s mark. He’ll be working towards his betterment in terms of race finishes and try to gather as many points as he can. He currently stands 5th in the Championship rankings and looks forward to improvising his position.

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