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Ferrari and Red Bull Decode Crazy Gearbox Secret of Mercedes F1 Causing Complications in FIA’s Plans for 2021

Ferrari and Red Bull Decode Crazy Gearbox Secret of Mercedes F1 Causing Complications in FIA’s Plans for 2021

Mercedes F1

According to reports coming from german media Ferrari F1 and Red Bull F1 have discovered a huge Mercedes F1 transmission secret. Reports say that the Mercedes transmission design gives them a substantial aerodynamic advantage. And now Ferrari F1 and Red Bull F1 are working to break this advantage.

The issue with transmission turned out to be clear during the team heads’ ongoing discussions. Topics to discuss were cost-saving measures including a standard transmission for 2021. Ferrari and Red Bull have reservations. The rest request freezing of gears, wheel carriers, and suspensions. Additionally, smaller teams want a substantial decrease in budget capping.

Mercedes F1 Transmission Secret Out

Ferrari and Red Bull have purportedly discovered that Mercedes F1 uses just four studs to connect the engine and transmission but still manages to make it torsion-resistant. Whereas, Ferrari and Red Bull-Honda need six studs. The Merc transmission is leaner and gives a substantial aerodynamic advantage. To tackle this the two teams want to build new transmissions for 2021.

Whereas, Smaller teams are saying that the big teams have apparently not yet recognized the seriousness of the current situation. Talking about the Transmission standardization some unnamed person who is closely involved in the discussion said that here is an example of what absurd arguments some teams have against the homologation of the transmission for 2021.

Mercedes F1

Concorde Agreement On Hold Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

FIA President Jean Todt and Formula 1 boss Chase Carey have apparently recognized that the corona crisis offers them the golden opportunity to finally cut costs dramatically. Budget limits of up to $ 100 million buzz around the room.

Seven teams are asking the FIA ​​and F1 management to give clearer cost-saving signals than just homologating the 2020 chassis for 2021 and postponing the launch of the new cars to 2022. A team boss said: “Before any team signs up for five years, we all need to know if we can survive this crisis. There is currently no talk on this topic. There are more important things to do now.”

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