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Ferrari F1 to Radically Change 2020 F1 Car and Power Unit Confirms Binotto

Ferrari F1 to Radically Change 2020 F1 Car and Power Unit Confirms Binotto

Ferrari F1 finished last season with Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in fourth and fifth in the drivers’ standings as Lewis Hamilton won the F1 world title for Mercedes F1. However, they are hoping a change of approach this year will give the team an edge over Mercedes F1 throughout the upcoming season.

Ferrari F1 team head Mattia Binotto says that his team has changed the focal point of their vehicle for 2020. They will be focusing more on downforce as opposed to unadulterated speed. Ferrari F1 had by a wide margin the most dominant motor. Their straight-line speed was superior to rivals Mercedes and Ferrari, even though they battled somewhere else on the tracks.

The team won only three races in the 2019 season. Mercedes F1 fled with the two titles for the sixth year in progression.

While quickest at tracks like Bahrain, Austria, Spa and Monza in 2019. There was additionally an excessive number of circuits where the SF90’s shortcoming in medium-speed corners was uncovered. In addition to that, Binotto offering Abu Dhabi as a prime case of the parity gives the vehicle experienced.

Mattia conceded that the choice to concentrate on downforce will probably observe the vehicle lose a portion of its straight-line speed.

Charles Leclerc said that although he wishes to win the Formula 1 world championship in 2020, he would have no problems waiting until 2021 when the new rules on Formula 1 finally come into force.

2020 season for Ferrari F1

The team is planning a theatrical car launch on February 11th. There are several reports which say that the new car is said to have caused engineers to shake their heads in the wind tunnel. The data received from the wind tunnel tests are reported to be worse than expected. Accordingly, the car could even have a serious error in aerodynamics for this Formula 1 season.

Mattia Binotto said “Our car next year is aiming for a lot more downforce. And by having more downforce, more drag. We are not expecting to be as fast on the straight as we have been. We have changed, by quite a lot, our power unit, in terms of architecture, the cylinder. It’s quite a big review just to show that here again, there is much that can be done. The change we are looking for next year is quite significant changes in the engine itself.


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