“Adam Driver Is Just Crazy”: Renowned Italian Journalist Showers Love on ‘Ferrari’ Before Big Christmas Release

Published 12/10/2023, 11:01 AM EST

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Yes, it’s December. No there are no more races for a good couple of months. But that doesn’t mean F1 fans are all void of racing entertainment now. While Drive to Survive may be a good couple of months away, the highly anticipated Ferrari movie is all set to come out in theatres by Christmas.

Naturally, passionate journalists have had the chance to view the film ahead of its release. One renowned Italian journalist, Leo Turrini, who had this opportunity compared the upcoming movie to Star Wars! He heaped praises on Michael Mann, and Adam Driver ahead of the release, adding further excitement to the highly-anticipated movie.

High Praises for Adam Driver, Michael Mann


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Admittedly, Leo Turrini, by his admission is not a film critic. He gave a disclaimer at the start of his post stating that his views have to be treated like an everyday Joe. Having finally seen this film a couple of days ago, he felt that the movie captured the essence of Enzo Ferrari to perfection. “Telling in images a life as complex as that of Enzo Ferrari is impossible, He, as I’ve often declared, was a mix of light and darkness. Those who loved the Star Wars saga are entitled to think of Anakin Skywalker, who was also Darth Vader. So, Michael Mann, the great Hollywood filmmaker, was right to dedicate his biopic on Drake to just one year of the character’s life.”


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He further went on to appreciate the knack for Melodrama that Mann had, which, in his opinion, Ferrari would have loved. “There are, in Mann’s work, inevitable concessions to melodrama, which Ferrari simply loved. But Enzo’s existence was, truly, fictional. For better or for the worse: The Drake was not a saint, and did not even pretend to be one.”

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the casting choice of Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari. Even Italian action Pierfrancisco Favino had his reservations about this peculiar casting choice. However, Turrini, while remaining empathetic to the Italian actor’s opinion, noted that Adam Driver was the perfect fit for the role. “The American actor is wonderful in conveying even Enzo’s nuances, his gestures, his dark obsession with racing and blah blah blah.”

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Well folks, for another two months, this might be all the F1-related entertainment you might get (provided there’s no off-season drama of course.) Drive to Survive season 6 is only due on Netflix on the 23rd of February.

Drive to Survive Season Six

Netflix has officially set the date to the 23rd of February. Of course, some fans state that they will not be interested in watching the sixth season, due to “made-up narratives” and not painting a true and honest picture of what happens behind the scenes. Even the likes of Max Verstappen had his reservations about appearing on the show.


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However, Max Verstappen has since held constructive talks with the producers, leading to a better understanding between both entities. Speaking on this whole criticism, Red Bull boss Christian Horner asked the critics to focus on the bigger picture instead.

Speaking to Financial Times, he said, “Of course they’re making a TV show, so they’ll create a narrative, They’ll portray you sometimes you’re the baddie, sometimes you’re the hero, sometimes you’re both in one episode. But the effect that it’s had on the sport has just been insane. I mean, it’s been an absolute game-changer for Formula 1 in bringing in an entirely new audience to watching Formula 1 racing”


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The fact that the increasing popularity of F1 is at least partly due to Drive to Survive is undeniable. What do you think of the next season? Are you ready to watch? Let us know more in the comments.


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