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“Took a Scandal for Alexandra”: Fans Unleash Hell at Charles Leclerc’s GF for PR Antics to Undo Past

Published 09/29/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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 Formula 1 isn’t just about overtaking, crashes, and racetrack drama. In the age of social media, where past tweets and likes never truly vanish, F1 personalities and their close circles face relentless public scrutiny. Recently, it’s Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend, Alexandra Saint Mleux, who’s been caught in this digital whirlwind due to a Twitter interaction from years ago, proving the race of public perception is never truly done.

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Such was the scene when Leclerc and  Alexandra graced an event for Only Watch, the renowned charity initiative. Established in 2005 by Luc Pettavino, Only Watch has a heartwarming origin. Driven by personal pain, Pettavino aimed to raise funds for research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) – a devastating genetic condition that affects 1 in 3,500 boys, including his own son. It’s a cause that has mobilized the entire watch industry, raising nearly $106 million and making significant strides in medical and scientific research against DMD.

However, at this event, while the watches held their perennial allure, the attention of many fans seemed squarely fixed on Charles and Alexandra. The couple, often private about their relationship, suddenly became the center of a digital storm.


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A fan took a jab, commenting on how It took a scandal for Alexandra to officially appear next to Charles during an event. However, some remarks took a more cynical turn. Jokes about their appearance, such as a humorous critique of Charles’s slightly unkempt linen shirt, mingled with speculations that this public appearance was a strategic move orchestrated by a hardworking PR team, possibly aiming to divert attention from recent online controversies tied to Alexandra.

Indeed, the recent digital uproar over a tweet Alexandra allegedly liked years ago had already cast her in a tumultuous spotlight. Some users pointedly remarked on how this event might make fans gloss over that tweet. “And suddenly people forgot about that tweet,” a user pointed out.

Others commented on the perceived PR mechanics, hinting at how this might be a tactic to eclipse the past, with one comment stating, “Love how this is gonna work for some fans to completely forget about the ra**st tweet.”

Fans can be the biggest reality checks, and even more…

Amidst the whirlwind of playful and cynical remarks, a few voices of reason emerged. Some fans defended Alexandra, suggesting that perhaps she was just uncomfortable in front of the camera. Others emphasized the need for empathy and understanding, reminding the digital community of the unseen battles individuals might face.

Oh! The complexities of past actions by both Alexandra and Charles, draw attention to potential double standards in fan criticisms. It also challenges certain fans on their motives behind the criticisms.


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Here are some of the hottest comments:

“It took a scandal for Alexandra to officially appear next to Charles during an event . Love their outfit 😍”

A comment that blends light criticism with a genuine compliment. Classic online work by fans.

“Charles, someone needed to iron and starch the linen shirt 😂 doesn’t matter what they do Alex we seen the tweet liked”

Charles’s linen shirt certainly caught some attention at the event. While Alexandra’s past actions continue to be a topic of discussion among fans, it’s evident that public figures remain under close scrutiny for both their fashion choices and their past actions.

“The PR team is working extra hours, I guess 🤣”

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The public relations dynamics of celebrities and events often generate varied interpretations among fans.

“People can be so rude, unbelievable!!
Maybe that’s just the way she is, unfomfortable when being filmed, maybe even socially anxious… you never know what people are fighting with… just for once stop comparing and judging every single move.”

Charles Leclerc’s GF Alexandra Accused of ‘Showing True Colors’ as Ugly Past Comes Knocking to Fans’ Shock

While some observers are quick to judge, others empathize and consider the personal struggles one might be going through.

“Love how this is gonna work for some fans to completely forget about the r*cist tweet. It’s a good pr stunt, cause people just want a reason to go back saying she is perfect”


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The comment observes both the potential PR strategy in play and Alexandra’s apparent discomfort during public appearances.

Ooo…PR seems to be working overtime after those racist stuff of mleux surfaced…no wonder they get called a PR couple all the time….😂😂

Some fans believe there’s a concerted PR effort in response to the controversies, leading to perceptions of Charles and Alexandra’s relationship being influenced by public relations dynamics. If only we could somehow know the backstory of it all. Would make life much easier.


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In the end, while the watches of Only Watch continued to symbolize the relentless passage of time, the unfolding drama surrounding Charles and Alexandra served as a stark reminder of the challenges and scrutiny faced by public figures, even when they step out in support of a noble cause.

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