Who Is Alexandra Saint Mleux – Charles Leclerc’s Girlfriend and Famous TikTok Content Creator?

Published 09/22/2023, 9:45 AM EDT

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Ever since joining Ferrari in 2019, Charles Leclerc has had this aura people have created around him. “He’s going to bring back championship glory to Ferrari. He’s our Golden Boy.” Almost since the start of his Ferrari career, there was one person in his life. Who was it? His girlfriend, Charlotte Sine.

They were the picture of the perfect couple with a story just as beautiful. A Formula 1 driver meets an architecture student, and they fall in love. But it wasn’t enough because the couple mutually broke up in December 2022, closing a beautiful, three-year chapter. For five months (at least publicly), Leclerc’s love life wasn’t in the spotlight. But with Monaco GP, that was all about to change. Soon people got to know about Alexandra Saint Mleux, Charles Leclerc’s new girlfriend.

The Charles Leclerc-Alexandra Saint Mleux relationship saga


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Born in Italy, Alexandra Saint Mleux is a 21-year-old reportedly studying Art History in Paris, France. If her Instagram page is anything to go by, art is something she loves appreciating and getting people to talk about. While how she and Leclerc started dating isn’t exactly known, now that they are, they’ve become one of the most adorable couples in the paddock. In their four months together, Alexandra has become a paddock regular. Although she’s now called ‘Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend,’ there’s so much more to her.

Apart from her 52.3k following on Instagram, Alexandra is also quite popular on TikTok. Staying true to her love for all things art, her account predominantly features art and fashion content and also places she visits. Considering her 123.5k followers on the platform, she’s doing something right.


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The story of a Formula 1 driver and a TikTok creator is something right out of BookTok, don’t you think? Either way, you can rest assured that they’re both all in. And Leclerc’s mother approves.

As F1 packed up for its summer break, Charles and Alexandra spent time together in Monaco, Corsica, and Sardinia. Their escapades ended with Alexandra’s official introduction into the Leclerc family. The summer break gave the three Leclerc brothers some downtime with their mother, Pascale. But it wasn’t just them and Pascale. The three of them brought their other halves along with them. Per the Instagram account @f1gossippofficial, “I think it’s the first trip for the boys’ mother having three daughters-in-law together! 🥰”

As much as fans love Leclerc and Alexandra together, there’s one thing none can get over—Alexandra’s striking similarity to Charlotte Sine. Turns out, they have more in common than just their similar looks.

The ties that bound Charlotte Sine and Alexandra Saint Mleux


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It’s a small world we live in. Before dating Charlotte, Leclerc was in a relationship with Italian model Giada Gianni, a close friend of Sine’s. It seems like Leclerc continued that pattern when he got together with Alexandra. Figured it out yet? Alexandra and Charlotte were no strangers to each other! Their common link (other than the obvious Leclerc)? Valentine Sine, Charlotte’s sister.

The Instagram account @f1gossippofficial brought this connection to light. Per the post, “We had already said that there was a friendship between Charlotte Sine and Alexandra; fans found these comments between the two in an old post by Charlotte. Rumors at the time said that Charlotte’s sister was very close to Alex when the rumors of Alex’s relationship with Charles started; they stopped following each other on social media!” 

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Did you know about this connection between Charlotte Sine and Alexandra Saint Mleux? Is that how Charles Leclerc met Alexandra in the first place?


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