“You Are Disgusting”: Ex-GF Isa Hernaez’s ‘Vengeful’ Update Leaves Fans Pointing Fingers at Carlos Sainz

Published 10/28/2023, 4:42 AM EDT

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Getting in a relationship is all butterflies and fairies. However, getting out of one is, more often than not, a very messy business. This scenario becomes worse, especially for Formula 1 drivers, as the lines between their public and private lives are always blurred. Carlos Sainz and his split with his ex-girlfriend Isa Hernaez is a prime example of that. Despite keeping their relationship extremely private, the two made their separation public. Ever since their breakup, everything they do somehow becomes about each other and Hernaez’s recent social media activity and the fans’ reaction is proof of that.

Hernaez recently posted on her TikTok in which she is using a song to communicate. However, the content of the song made it sound a bit more vengeful. Now who would Hernaez be vengeful toward if not Carlos Sainz, right? At least that’s what the fans are choosing to believe.

When the video made its way to an Instagram page F1 Gossipp Official. They highlighted the difference between Hernaez’s iteration and the original lyrics from the song in the caption. The caption read, “Shade? Isa just posted a video with a snippet of a song, we leave the conclusions up to you! The second video and the official post of the song excerpt!”


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Safe to say, the simple, short, and concise, “you’re disgusting” lyrics from Hernaez’s version are extremely different from the original song.

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This is exactly what is making the fans point fingers at Sainz.

Fans rip Carlos Sainz to shreds as ex-girlfriend Isa Hernaez posts a vengeful update

Hernaez’s recent social media activity is definitely attracting a lot of attention and all for the wrong reasons, at least if you ask Sainz. The Spaniard is already trying to move on with his new girlfriend, Rebecca Donaldson, but the fans are clearly not over his past relationship. Some of the comments on the F1 gossip column’s posts will tell you that.

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Some fans agreed with her without taking any names and commented, “She’s spitting ✨ FACTS ✨ 😂,” “She’s right!! Why is everyone mad???”, and “she’s not wrong tho 😂


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Whereas some fans had outright opinions. One fan commented, “Carlos already put her through lot of things i think she can be petty and have fun!”

“Women hating on a woman that got cheated on is so weird to me. I think this is funny. And if she was cheated on by someone she loved for 7+ years, I’d be salty too.”


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What is your take on the saga of Sainz’s break up? Let us know in the comments section.


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