Ferrari ‘Primarily Responsible’ for Sebastian Vettel’s Misery: Schumacher

November 26, 2020 7:10 pm

Ralf Schumacher talks on the important key factors before heading onto Bahrain Grand Prix. The Bahrain Grand Prix is the 15th race out of seventeen scheduled races of F1 for this season. Ralf praised Hamilton for his achievement at the Turkish Grand Prix. However, he pointed out various flaws and faults of Vettel and Ferrari.

Hamilton earned the World Championship title for the seventh time. Further matching the record with Michael Schumacher. After bagging the prestigious title, words are in the air that the Brit will ask for an annual raise in the contract.

Schumacher further leads the conversation about the German racer and his Italian chassis. Faults are at both their ends. Vettel acquired the first podium stand this season at the Turkish Grand Prix. Subsequently, this season was a boon for Mercedes, whereas Ferrari amassed no success until the event at Turkey.

Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – November 15, 2020 Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel before the match Pool via REUTERS/Clive Mason

Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari have an equal share of blame to hold

Vettel with his cockpit lagged this season dreadfully. Thus, receiving the podium stand finally at the Istanbul Circuit created a historical moment for all. The hype among the crewmates and every other spectator along with the racers is high to see his performance in the coming weekend. However, the German will be in green in the 2021 season. There are hopes his mojo might shine bright in the following season.

Ralf stated, ” But the race was also very important for Sebastian. He was able to follow the historic moment after the race with Lewis up close: on the podium. You could see straight away how good it was for him. To finally stand up there again. Where it used to be so often. Finally, to feel again that he can still do it – he can keep up with all the others and also the big ones. I’m really excited to see how he’ll perform next weekend.”

Ralf also highlighted the part on how the faulty chassis has affected the quadruple World Champion. The German kept on losing his pace in the races at a row with no hope of reviving the raging form he had earlier. Subsequently, the cockpit in his final year in the red team affected his career points extensively.

“How big is his part in failure? I think that the team is primarily responsible for the misery. If the car was capable of winning, Sebastian was always right at the front. In the end, every driver is at the mercy of the team! That’s how I see it”

He further remarked about the strategies and tactics of Vettel with the Italian cockpit. Subsequently, which failed several times this season, resulting in dreadful havocs amidst the races. Vettel and his respective cockpit with a faulty chassis have lagged throughout the season until the 14th-weekend race of the F1 calendar. The enthusiasts highly expect to see him improve in races for the rest of the events left.

Ralf Schumacher conveyed, “Sebastian also made mistakes. Mistakes that simply shouldn’t happen to a four-time world champion. ” he further added, “There are only three races left. Both sides will be happy when this year is finally over and look forward to the coming year. It can only go up for both sides …”

The performance of this season was not up to the mark for the German racer, too. He hopes to see a better ray of hope in the following races in this season left with the Italian Giants, Scuderia Ferrari. There is still time for him to mend and apply some new tactics and strategies.


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