“Ferrari Seems Very Difficult to Drive”- Former World Champion Following Leclerc Crash During the Italian Grand Prix

September 7, 2020 7:50 pm

Although Sunday’s race affairs proved to be a success story for Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz, there were moments that showed how the sport can prove to be fatal.

And this time, it was Charles Leclerc who suffered a really bad crash with his Ferrari almost skirting through the Parabolica off the limits, before slamming hard into the side barriers. Luckily, Leclerc was not harmed in any manner and was moving inside the car within a few seconds of the crash.

Later, in a short interview with the media, he stated that it was his fault that led to the events. “I lost the car. It’s my fault. It was a very difficult race to be honest, then I thought we were unlucky with the Safety Car but we were lucky. With the hard tyres I struggled massively, I tried to push but lost it in Parabolica and crashed.”

The former World Champion and Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg, however, holds a slightly different view and thinks that it might not entirely have been Leclerc’s fault. Speaking to news outlet RTL, he was quoted as saying:

“The Ferrari seems very, very difficult to drive. Especially the behaviour of the car scared me. He accelerated out of the corner, everything was under control and then suddenly he loses the rear of the car, catches it once, and then loses it again”

Perhaps Rosberg might have a point, considering how Ferrari’s day went from bad to worse at their home race when Vettel was forced to retire with brake issues in the early stages itself.

With Ferrari now sixth in the Constructors’ Championship, it is safe to say that it has not been a good season for the Italian giants so far.

Team principal Mattia Binotto has also already admitted to knowing that their 2020 car was only a masked version of the persisting problems from the 2019 car. Related issues in aerodynamics with a combination of having under-powered engines have now meant that Ferrari have their task cut out for them, and as the season progresses further, it is certainly not going to get easier for them.

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