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Ferrari Was Stronger, United With Michael Schumacher: Todt Sympathizes With Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari Was Stronger, United With Michael Schumacher: Todt Sympathizes With Sebastian Vettel

Michael Schumacher

FIA president and former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt believes the reason behind Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari falling out is due to the lack of unity at the team. The Frenchman compared Vettel’s time at Ferrari with that of Michael Schumacher’s and highlighted the differences in solidarity. Todt believes Ferrari was successful with Michael Schumacher because of a more supportive environment.

Todt explains how Ferrari was with Michael Schumacher

Sebastian Vettel joined Ferrari with lofty expectations and a childhood dream. The 4 times World Champion wanted to emulate his compatriot and idol – Michael’s stint with Ferrari. Sadly, Seb’s dreams never materialized and he’s now leaving the team at the end of the season.

It’s unfair to pin the blame completely on Ferrari as Vettel’s also made a few errors in his quest for glory. However, Ferrari’s made a common trend of signing big-name World Champions and ultimately showing them the door after a long partnership that fizzles out. Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen (his second stint), and now Seb.

Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari’s made a habit of signing talented drivers who walk into the team happy but leave the team sad. Clearly, something isn’t the right at the Scuderia if multiple World Champions have tried and failed.

Todt revealed how Ferrari was different during Schumacher’s era of dominance. Fans often forget that Ferrari and Schumi struggled for many years before embarking on a dominant run in F1. Through good times and bad, Ferrari and Michael never lost faith.

“The result, good or bad, you can always explain it,”

“Together with Michael, the whole team at Ferrari, we had so much success because we had a very united, strong team, who were supportive to each other, mainly in the difficult times than in the good times.

It’s easy to be together when all is good, but you see a good sailor in a rough sea.

“When we were in a rough sea, we were all on the boat, and I think that’s what made the difference” said Todt speaking to Sky Sports F1.

With Vettel’s exit, Ferrari has gone through yet another World Champion driver. The Scuderia’s 13-year wait for a World Championship continues.

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