‘Ferrari Wasn’t a Great Environment’ – Brown Makes an Optimistic Prediction for Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin

January 7, 2021 6:10 pm

How Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin’s association will pan out is a mystery for the entire F1 paddock. Both the entities look to make a comeback into the sport and fair well in the future.

However, Vettel’s form at Ferrari promised little. Yet Racing Point showed confidence in him, and Zak Brown points out that this understanding amidst them poses them as serious contenders.

While Aston Martin will find it easy to build on the progress of Racing Point, they have a challenge ahead of them – to get Vettel back to his initial form at Red Bull. Fortunately, Otmar Szafnauer believes that the F1 pilot in the German is not dead yet and he is confident that with a little love, he would spring back again.

Sebastian Vettel, too, has been very optimistic about his new team for 2021. Although his aspirations to be Schumacher’s successor at Ferrari failed, he still aspires to race. No one can ever ignore the fact that he is a four-time champion and at his age, he might rack up another one with Aston Martin.

Zak Brown‘s team finished P3 this year. While he’s enjoying it, he foresees a more compelling, mid-field battle for 2021. The F1 veteran predicted that there will not be a gap of over two-tenths of a second between the four teams in the midfield.

Considering that, he explained why Vettel and Aston Martin, in particular, pose a threat.

Formula One F1 – Portuguese Grand Prix – Algarve International Circuit, Portimao, Portugal – October 25, 2020 Racing Point’s Lance Stroll and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in action during the race Pool via REUTERS/Armando Franca

I think [Sebastian] Vettel, as a four-time World Champion, definitely has it in him. Ferrari wasn’t a great environment for him anymore, for whatever reason.

“You have to assume he can pick up where Sergio Perez left off at Aston Martin, if that’s a good environment for him,remarked Brown.

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Sebastian Vettel needs time to sync with Aston Martin

The Rhinelander had earlier stated that he’s not joining Aston Martin with unrealistic expectations. More than winning, he is more excited and curious about his experience at the English camp. He is sure that once he builds on the trust and enjoys what he is doing, the form will improve on its own.

The 2020 season was exceptional for Racing Point. Finishing with one of their best performances in the sport ever, they secured P4. They beat Renault and Ferrari by huge margins and shocked the paddock. Besides being taunted for their Mercedes design, they have had a very competitive car as well the entire season.

Pundits believe that the car and the team both suit the German very well. Therefore, they expect a strong comeback from him this season. Predictions state that he would take some time to get into sync with the team, and that would not take more than a few rounds. After that, it will be Vettel back to pure class.

Racing Point [now Aston Martin], in my opinion, had the best car in the midfield most often. There, too, however, you had two drivers who did not always drive at the same level,” pointed out Zak Brown in his midfield analysis.

What Brown aims at is consistency. Agreed, Lance and Vettel both are devoid of consistency at the moment, but popular opinion states that the atmosphere in the team has changed a lot. Lance sparked off a few instances of sheer talent in 2020, and by the time this season starts, he will be ready, right alongside Vettel.

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