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There is hardly anyone on the grid who compares to Lewis Hamilton. Before you disagree, we are not talking about Briton’s driving abilities or achievements on the track in the sport. We are talking about his social and charitable contributions off-track and away from the sport. However, the outspoken Brit will have to stay tight-lipped “unless approved” from 2023 onwards.

Why? Well, because the FIA has doubled down and revised their policies of the International Sporting Code. The circus travels to a lot of counties that are not as liberal as the European countries. This is when drivers like Hamilton and, formerly, Sebastian Vettel used to make political statements using various methods apart from free speech.


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However, after FIA’s revision, making political statements is prohibited in an effort to showcase the sport’s neutrality. The regulation states, “The general statements and the display of political, religious and personal statements or comments, in particular contrary to the general principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA, will be prohibited. Unless approved in writing in advance by the FIA ​​for international competitions or by the relevant ASN for national competitions within their jurisdiction.” (Translated by Google)

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This restriction on political statements will definitely attract some backlash from the fans and even the Mercedes world champion. The Brit did not take kindly to the jewelry ban. We are sure he will not sit quietly with this new development.

However, despite these strict directives, the governing body has will continue the fight for human rights.

Despite forcing outspoken Lewis Hamilton to become tight-lipped, the FIA will continue the fight for human rights


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The governing body might have banned drivers from speaking their minds without approval. However, the FIA is not stopping its fight against human rights.

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The FIA’s statement read, ​​”shall promote the protection of human rights and human dignity and shall refrain from discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic or social origin, language, religion, philosophical or political opinion.”


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Do you think the FIA is introducing this rule to safeguard the drivers from public backlash? Although we’re not sure the drivers will agree. Only time will tell how they react to this news.

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