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FIA Release A Fishy and Suspicious Statement Concerning the 2019 Ferrari F1 Power Unit

FIA Release A Fishy and Suspicious Statement Concerning the 2019 Ferrari F1 Power Unit


The 2020 Racing Point car has been raising plenty of eyebrows off late, with it being a 2019 Mercedes copycat. However, Scuderia Ferrari know what its like to come under the scanner because of rival teams’ suspicion. Last year, Red Bull led a few teams to protest the legitimacy of Ferrari’s 2019 power unit.

Now, it seems that the FIA has finally concluded their investigation. However, their statement on the matter may threaten to divid the paddock even further.

It said, “The FIA announces that, after thorough technical investigations, it has concluded its analysis of the operation of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Power Unit and reached a settlement with the team. The specifics of the agreement will remain between the parties.”

Furthermore, the governing body revealed that they reached an agreement with Scuderia Ferrari. This includes numerous technical commitments to improve the monitoring procedure of all F1 Power Units in the future.


Why was Ferrari under investigation in the first place?

In the second half of the 2019 season, Scuderia Ferrari suddenly bucked up and nearly dominated the proceedings. Naturally, this sudden change of fortune raised several red flags for rival F1 teams.

So, Red Bull led a protest and called for the FIA to investigate. The latter even had to issue many technical directives on the matter.

Naturally, a deeply offended Ferrari insisted that their power unit was legal. Unfortunately for the Maranello outfit, the news of the investigation really hit them hard. In other words, their performance plummeted alarmingly and Mercedes took capital advantage.

Frustratingly for the teams, the details of the FIA-Ferrari agreement was kept under wraps. It will only serve to fuel more accusations towards the Italian marquee.

The crux of the matter was related to the fuel flow. Some claimed that the team implemented a fuel sensor. Its purpose was supposedly to allow more fuel to flow to the power unit.

Max Verstappen also publicly accused Ferrari of “cheating”.

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