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FIA Top Dog Stefano Domenicali Jumps to Red Bull & Mercedes’ Defence After Andretti’s Nasty Verbal Attack

Published 02/12/2023, 7:15 AM EST

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Each day, we see the discussion of the eleventh team growing. The F1 team bosses have already expressed uneasiness about the situation. And Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula One Group, is now the source of the latest reports. The top executive of F1 has spoken up on the Andretti matter and has come to defend the top F1 teams, like Mercedes and Red Bull.

A while back, Michael Andretti made some strong remarks, branding the current teams as “greedy” for their alleged refusal to split the rewards. The F1 CEO, therefore, believes that Michael Andretti was being impolite when he called the current teams “greedy”.


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In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Domenicali stated, “First of all it is our intention to welcome anyone who brings added value to racing. And we must respect everyone. There are teams like Mario and Michael Andretti who are talking a lot about their desire to enter F1. But I don’t think it’s smart to say that other teams are greedy. There are also other less publicized teams that would like to enter and therefore there will be a process to be respected.”

He added, “If there are all the required elements, they will be welcome. I would have acted differently. We must be careful. It might seem like a personal attack on Andretti, but it is not. There is a need to be serious and professional in the evaluation of each element.”

The Andretti family has encountered vehement opposition in their attempts to join Formula 1. Christian Horner, though, has some really interesting pieces of advice for Andretti, who are willing to enter the top tier of motorsport.

Christian Horner has special advice for Andretti

Just as Ford is partnering with Red Bull Powertrains, the Andretti family associated themselves with Cadillac to take the next step on their journey to enter Formula 1. Seeing Andretti deal with severe detractors, Christian Horner has offered some counsel.


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While conversing with UK’s Daily Mail, Horner stated, “Red Bull Racing was Jaguar, which was Stewart Ford. You look at Mercedes, that goes all the way back through Honda to British American Racing to Tyrell. Aston Martin go back to being a Jordan team. That has been the procedure for many years.”


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He further added, “Mario Andretti is a name synonymous with Formula 1… Cadillac, GM, is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. So it would be great to see them in the sport, but it’s just got to be done properly.”


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What do you think of Andretti’s bid? Should they make it to F1? Is it better for the US to have another team to back or would it make more sense for the current teams to not see a 10% dilution in resources?



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