Former F1 Champion Mika Hakkinen Sees the Positives Behind the COVID-19 Break

April 19, 2020 4:11 am

Ideally speaking, being confined to one’s own residence is not a good situation. However, all F1 drivers and teams know that the COVID-19 situation is very real and deadly. To that end, two-time Formula 1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen believes that the total global shutdown has its positives. According to him, drivers have plenty of time to get everything physically in order.

Speaking to Unibet’s Inside Formula 1 podcast, Hakkinen admitted that this break is a perfect opportunity to do some physical training. He said, “Rest is one of the most important points to stay strong and fit. That’s how I see the positive side of this stop.”

To be honest, the Finnish former champion has a point, because of the original 2020 calendar’s nature. Without the coronavirus situation, all 10 teams had to face the prospect of racing in 22 GP weekends. Already, 21 races pushed the limits of the calendar, and 22 races could have been a tight squeeze.

What else did Mika Hakkinen say?

Mika Hakkinen

Hakkinen even stressed on the importance if distinguish one’s self as a driver. He noted that they need to have some amount of selfishness. In other words, drivers cannot lay all their cards on the table and have to possess some amount of ruthlessness.

The former McLaren driver thinks that this is an opportunity for younger drivers to develop themselves. In other words, drivers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc can mix it up and compete against the likes of Lewis Hamilton.

For the moment, the 2020 season is expected to commence at least by July. In other words, Lewis Hamilton has to spend another couple of nerve-wracking months to get back behind the wheel of an F1 car.

Mika Hakkinen noted that this season’s pre-season test took place earlier than usual, so the cars are definitely ready. Meanwhile, it is up to the drivers to keep themselves in peak physical and mental condition. The 51-year old alluded to the drivers’ use of the simulators to acclimatise themselves to circuits and maintain their reflexes.

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