Former F1 Driver Attacks Romain Grosjean Over Questionable Driving in the British Grand Prix

August 3, 2020 5:31 pm

Haas F1 ended the British Grand Prix without a single point to their name. However, their driver Romain Grosjean, or rather his performance, was one of the talking points from Silverstone. However, unfortunately, Grosjean was in the news for the wrong reasons.

The French driver received a blag and white (warning) flag during the course of the race for turning his car under braking, almost causing a crash with Carlos Sainz as a result. However, that wasn’t the only time Grosjean attempted the amateur move. He recreated the same scene a couple of laps later. This time it was Daniel Ricciardo who had to take evasive action.

Grosjean’s driving was called ‘un-sportsman like’ and was criticized heavily by the F1 world. One among those was former Red Bull driver Mark Webber. Webber, who had once infamously termed Grosjean as a ‘nut-case,’ heavily scrutinized the Frenchmen’s driving at Silverstone.

Mark Webber brands Romain Grosjean as not good enough for Formula One

Romain Grosjean

According to Planet F1, Webber was quoted when speaking to Channel 4 saying, “I don’t think he understands the rules of engagement. He is moving around very late in defending. He is saying he is leaving a car’s width on the inside, which technically, he is. But this weaving in the middle of the road at high speed…he has got to be even further across to show his intention earlier.”

“I think Grosjean has a gross misunderstanding of what current Grand Prix racing is all about, in terms of wheel to wheel combat. He’s mentioned how Max Verstappen was in the past and that is in the past, we have moved on. He’s the chairman of the GPDA. He should know the rules. For me, Grosjean is borderline out of his depth in Formula 1.”

Grosjean can count himself very lucky for not having been black-flagged and disqualified for his antics. For a driver who has competed in 170 F1 races and has been on the podium 10 times, such shoddy driving shouldn’t be expected of him.

Perhaps, it’s a sign of the levels he has fallen since his glory days at Lotus. With zero points to his name, thus far, and racing for a team that’s at the back of the grid, one would understand his irritation. He could really do with some tips from former teammate Kimi Raikkonen.


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