Former Ferrari Boss Pinpoints the Real Reason Behind Belgian GP Struggles

August 31, 2020 10:12 pm

Ferrari had a terrible nightmare in Belgium this weekend. After a humiliating practice session, Ferrari crawled across the qualifying marks. The main race too was not something fanciful with the Italian side finishing in the 13th and 14th positions. Directing the loss, Mattia Binotto stated the issue was not due to the power unit faults, but the inability to get the correct tires at the correct window.

Ferrari was marked for maintaining low speed across the track. Charles Leclerc was summoned by the stewards for violation of race protocols. However, Ferrari was let go without being penalized. Formula 1 Managing Director Ross Brawn stated that he himself faced situations like the Ferrari experienced in Spa.

“I’ve been in a situation like Ferrari have found themselves in at Spa, where you don’t get tires to work, the temperature doesn’t come and the drop off in performance is dramatic”, he said

Addressing the issue with tires, Brawn seemed to be very critical of the Italian side. Although he is hopeful of the Italian giants to be back on track. However, he pushes aside the idea that Ferrari would be dangerous enough to be title contenders. According to him, the Prancing Stallion would be back with the fangs, however, there won’t be enough venom to strike opponents out.

“They just couldn’t get the tires in the zone. The fact it was colder at Spa would not have helped either. When that happens, the performance drops off and looks horrific. If they can make that step and get the tires working properly again, I think the performance will snap back in. They still won’t look race-winning, but it will become more respectable.”

Ferrari has to steady the rocking boat

After biting the dust in Spa, Ferrari has a lot of ground to cover before Monza. As Grand Prix returns to Italy the Prancing Stallions has to put forth a better performance in its homefront.

While Ferrari struggles to keep themselves ready, Mercedes is riding their waves of success. The waves are clearly shaking Ferrari’s boats and fans are not having a good time. It would be pretty interesting to watch how Mercedes performs in the Italian streak. Given the splendid form, they are in Monza seems to be a cakewalk for the Silver Arrows.

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