Former Teammate Reveals the Biggest Reason Behind Sebastian Vettel Potentially Retiring in 2021

June 12, 2020 1:03 pm

4-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel finds himself without a drive for 2021. A month ago, Ferrari had announced that Vettel would be leaving once the 2020 season wraps up. However, the reason for him leaving the Scuderia team wasn’t quite clear. Sure, Charles Leclerc’s promotion to being the unofficial ‘number one’ would have played a part, but maybe there were other reasons as well. Vettel’s former teammate, Mark Webber may have an answer.

Mark Webber claims that Sebastian Vettel has lost the motivation to race for Ferrari

Webber was Vettel’s teammate at Red Bull for 5 years. The duo took Red Bull to Four consecutive constructors’ championships during that period. Webber speaking on the ‘F1 Nation‘ podcast, says “He’s clearly not getting out of bed now, motivated to drive a red car and that’s the issue. When you are hungry, motivated, disciplined you are one team and you’ve got a goal. Now, if you are nine and a half out of ten, then you can’t have the same mission with your team.”

When asked if Vettel could retire, Webber says, “I think he’ll have a year off. I think and hope, he can rejuvenate himself and get back into the spirit of wanting to be competing in the front again of Formula One. Also, family (plays a part in retirement). He’s very family-oriented and private, that’ll be a factor, definitely a factor. (Vettel still has a) Long way to go, mate. I still think he can reinvent himself, but he’s got to have the (right) atmosphere.”

When asked what are the key moments leading up to a driver’s retirement, Webber says, “Lap time is a big drive of me. Lap time and risk. Ultimately for me, it just got a bit harder. It just takes a bit longer to get confidence in certain positions and scenarios.”

While the future for Vettel may be uncertain, he’ll be raring to get back on the track with Ferrari and prove his critics wrong. With nothing to lose, Vettel may end up surprising everyone and who knows maybe, just maybe, he could get a drive at Mercedes for 2021.



Ronan Carvalho

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