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F1 Hosts its own Oscars Awards Ceremony and Here are the List of Nominees and Winners

F1 Hosts its own Oscars Awards Ceremony and Here are the List of Nominees and Winners


The 92nd Academy Awards recently concluded earlier today, and many were excited about it. Apparently, even Formula One got in on the action and came up with its own version of the prestigious awards ceremony. The F1 Twitter account posted two ‘award’ categories, complete with nominees

Who are all the F1 nominees?

First up was the award for the best costume in Formula One. Pierre Gasly’s James Bond-themed suit at the British Grand Prix was the first nominee, followed by the Mexican mascot, Mario Achi. The next nominee was Daniel Ricciardo, sporting an American football jersey.

Finally, Lando Norris rounded out the list with his famous bucket hat, decorated with Valentino Rossi’s racing number and logo. Norris bagged this award, something that he was quite thrilled about and even tweeted a response, but skipped the customary speech.

The second category was for the best sound editing in Formula One. The nominees are, Kevin Magnussen, Daniil Kvyat, Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc. Magnussen’s entry was at the Austrian Grand Prix when he celebrated 5th place in the qualifying session. Meanwhile, Daniil Kvyat’s hollering came at the wet and chaotic German Grand Prix when he grabbed an unexpected podium.

The next nominee, Charles Leclerc, screamed himself hoarse when he took pole position at the Singapore Grand Prix. Rounding out the list, was Gasly again. This time, for his passionate celebrations when he grabbed a maiden podium after a topsy-turvy year. Eventually, Pierre Gasly took home the F1 Best Sound Editing award.

Unfortunately Gasly’s response was absent. So the Frenchman was unable to deliver and award acceptance speech. Though we can be sure that he is still thrilled by his maiden podium. It certainly was a great consolation for a difficult season.

It is also note-worthy that Mario Achi is the only non-F1 driver to be nominated for either of the awards.

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