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Frederic Vasseur and Toto Wolff have always seen each other as respectful rivals with a friendly side to it. Whether it be the Ferrari TP pulling Wolff’s leg during an interview or backing him up during the FIA meetings, as we saw in Drive to Survive, during the infamous porpoising meeting. But was Lewis Hamilton‘s signing a backstab from Vasseur? Well, that is what Peter Windsor speculates.

Frederic Vasseur was brought in by Ferrari to replace Mattia Binotto and bring the Scuderia back to winning ways. Amid the many changes that the Frenchman has made to the team, one was to sign Lewis Hamilton and sack Carlos Sainz. The F1 community suggests the Frenchman is causing a menace in the paddock to make Ferrari great again. The rumors of signing Adrian Newey just add to it as well. 

After the 2023 season ended, Frederic Vasseur was asked about Leclerc and Sainz’s future to which the Ferrari TP replied that it would all happen in due time and that the team wasn’t able to do it during the season because of how tight the development fight was for P2 in the championship. But out of nowhere, Ferrari announced Lewis Hamilton as their driver from 2025, and let go of their only Ferrari winner from 2023, Carlos Sainz. 


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Peter Windsor now suggests that Ferrari will regret letting Carlos Sainz go, who is in the form of his life, and speculates that Vasseur just signed Hamilton to make Wolff’s life a little more miserable. Windsor on his YouTube Live said, “Carlos is winning GP’s, scoring podiums, great performance driving at the peak of his abilities and is being sacked.”

He continued, “Just doesn’t make sense [Hamilton to Ferrari at Sainz’s cost], doesn’t feel right. There’s something going on there. I don’t know if it’s Frederic Vasseur just trying to put one over Toto Wolff and he just signed Lewis to annoy him or whether it’s a bigger picture and share prices and the effect of Lewis on the Ferrari brand. Obviously the damage of not having Lewis on the Mercedes brand. Probably a bit of both.”

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Whatever it may be, Hamilton is set to drive for the Scuderia next year. But both Frederic Vasseur and Lewis Hamilton seem to be tired of these questions regarding the 7X driving for Ferrari next year. 

Frederic Vasseur and Lewis Hamilton Tired of 7X Champ Ferrari questions.

Earlier this week, post the Japanese GP, Lewis Hamilton was asked by a journalist whether he was jealous of watching Ferrari perform so strongly this season. The 7X champ, tired of these questions about Ferrari, replied, “Do you have any better questions?” and walked away. While the future is important for the teams and drivers, they tend to focus on the present first. 


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The same was the case with Frederic Vasseur who was asked, “In an alternative reality where you hadn’t already signed Lewis Hamilton for 2025”, but the Ferrari TP cut the question short and said, “We have the same question each weekend. Do a copy-paste of my reply of last week. Next one.” 

While we understand that Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari is huge news and arguably the biggest transfer in the history of F1, journalists need to understand that both Vasseur and Hamilton have bigger things at hand before they start thinking about the 2025 season. Lewis Hamilton is still with Mercedes and is focused on helping the Silver Arrows out of the pit they are in, whereas Frederic Vasseur is pushing the team to close the gap with Red Bull. 


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What do you think? Did Frederic Vasseur sign Hamilton to annoy Toto Wolff or was it for the name that the 7X champ brings with himself?