George Russell Calls Charles Leclerc a “McDonald’s Employee” & Instantly Regrets It

Published 09/05/2023, 3:15 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

In the electrifying realm of Formula 1, where every millisecond counts and fierce competition fuels the adrenaline, it’s easy to forget that humor and camaraderie can still thrive. Such a reminder surfaced when British driver George Russell injected a playful dose of banter into a post-race interview, by humorously labeling Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc as a “McDonald’s employee.” However, what ensued was an unexpected turn of events that left Russell regretful, and the motorsport community buzzing with curiosity.

This incident unfolded in the midst of the media frenzy following a challenging race weekend at the Italian Grand Prix. While the race results may not have been ideal for the Mercedes team, there was still a sense of relief in the air. Amidst the post-race chatter with reporters, George Russell, renowned not just for his racing skills but also for his charismatic personality, found himself in the spotlight.

As he engaged with the journalists, he couldn’t resist injecting a bit of light-hearted humor into the conversation. However, what began as an attempt to bring some levity to the situation quickly took an unexpected turn.


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How did the event unfold by George Russell?

Ferrari had more than a decent day in front of its home crowd. The Scuderia boys not only showcased their skills but also flawlessly guided their cars to the finish line. However, more than diving deep into the race’s nuances, it’s worth exploring why George Russell appeared confused when looking at Charles Leclerc and what prompted his humorous but regrettable comment.

Well, we can’t entirely blame Russell for his quip. Ferrari had unveiled a special livery and attire for the Monza weekend, featuring a combination of red, yellow, and black colors. This unique choice bore an uncanny resemblance to the iconic McDonald’s branding. It was this visual connection that led Russell to make his comment during the live TV interview.


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He said, “Thought that was a McDonald’s employee for a second.” At first, some journalists in the vicinity found it amusing, leading to a few initial chuckles. However, Russell soon realized the inappropriateness of his comment and regrettably said, Is this live? I hope not!”

While Russell playfully teased Ferrari’s livery and Charles Leclerc, he himself was once on the receiving end of a brutal jab from Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton once made George Russell the target of a sharp jab

Lewis Hamilton, renowned for his impeccable driving and impressive fashion sense, has also demonstrated a knack for playfully poking fun at his rivals on numerous occasions. However, in 2021, the seven-time champion inadvertently misdirected a tag to his future teammate, George Russell.

On his Instagram, Lewis Hamilton shared a snapshot of himself with his dog, Roscoe, lounging on the couch. Fans quickly spotted that Hamilton had initially tagged George Russell’s account on his dog’s photo, which raised eyebrows.


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Although Hamilton later made a cheeky response but also corrected the tag and deleted the picture, it still marked a moment of playful banter from the Mercedes star. It could also be interpreted as Hamilton acknowledging George Russell as his teammate. And now the duo has been rated as one of the best pairs among all the drivers.


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