George Russell Gets Subtle Burns From Norris and Alex on His Instagram Post

February 9, 2020 6:06 pm

F1 youngsters, Lando Norris, Alex Albon and George Russell always manage to get involved in some shenanigans. Being of the same age group, and having moved up to Formula One at the same time, their camaraderie is high. So, every time they begin to engage in some banter with each other, it will always be epic.

On a few occasions, they would mercilessly troll each other, and sometime gang up on one member of the Mischievous Trio. This time, the victim was Russell, who is well-known for posting shirtless pictures of himself. George Russell captioned the image, “Sneak peak of the 2020 chassis.”

How did Norris and Albon react to George Russell?

The Red Bull driver and the McLaren youngster decided to have some fun at Russell’s expense. Albon wondered whether the Norfolk native had forgotten about his fireproof overalls. However, Norris’ quip was far for brutal, “What I find even worse Is probs the fact you asked your photographer to take the photo”

George Russell did have a quick-witted response for Albon though, “My mum doesn’t pack my bag unlike you”. However, Albon fired back, “But at least she doesn’t cut my hair”.

Speaking of Norris, Russell’s response was, “We don’t stage anything unlike some drivers I know. Needless to say, Norris had no reply to that jab. In other words, it was a”Flawless Victory! Brutality!”, in favour of George Russell.

The last time the Three Amigos were together, they were analysing each of their seasons. They were trying to see who among them was the best rookie driver, while another incident occurred in a game of Secret Santa. Word on the street said that the trolling involved breast pumps and a jumbo-sized rear-view mirror.

All in all, future F1 seasons will be highly amusing with the three of them involved. With a seasoned joker like Daniel Ricciardo also in the mix, God help our aching sides.

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