George Russell & Lando Norris Discuss ‘Mega Overtake’ Gone Unnoticed at Monaco GP

Published 05/31/2022, 8:25 AM EDT

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The Monaco GP served us the thrill and spills, but we did not witness many overtaking incidents. The top 4 had had a cagey battle, while drivers from P7 were stuck behind Alonso. However, the racing between Lando Norris and George Russell in P5 and P6 did produce some quality action.

Unfortunately, the TV direction missed the important moment when Russell overtook Norris. The McLaren driver came out of the pits ahead of Russell, who made an incredibly brave move. As Norris made a slight move towards the left, the Mercedes driver capitalized and overtook him.


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As a result, Russell continued his impressive form and has once again finished top 5. In a track where overtaking is deemed difficult, he made a valiant choice which secured crucial points for Mercedes.

However, the 24-year-old is certainly not happy with the TV direction as he gave his thoughts on the stunning move. At the same time, Lando Norris was having none of it.

George Russell states his displeasure on TV direction

The wet condition at the start of the race proved to be a hard task for the drivers. However, Russell kept his cool and took his opportunity when it was presented.

Speaking of his overtake to Sky F1, he said, “They didn’t show my overtake on Lando, which was a bit disappointing. He sort of came out of pits directly in front of me and sort of chopped across and I managed to overtake on the wet stuff.”

“So that was pretty nice. And yeah, I sort of managed it until the end, it was not easy on that medium tire. It felt pretty dicey from within the car for Monaco in damp conditions, but obviously not good enough for the TV producer. So, next time!”

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As the track dried up, Russell changed to slick tires. Norris also followed the move, but the former Williams driver got the better of him. Although he achieved the fastest lap of the race, the McLaren driver struggled to catch Russell and only finished behind him.

Lando Norris opens up on Russell’s overtake

While Russell called it a ‘dicey’ move, Norris did not agree with him. The 22-year-old came out of the pits and the tires were fresh. So, according to him, Russell’s move was easier because of the difference in tire temperature.


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via Reuters

He said, “If that was a mega overtake then he’s done some sh**e overtakes! I mean, I just came on the box on wet tires. And he obviously gained a lap prior because of being on the slick, the slick was the tire to be on.

He had warm tires, mine were cold. And he came past me, it’s quite simple. I wasn’t impressed at all. I was more frustrated.”


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The two share a good relationship outside the track. Hence, it could be a friendly banter between them. As the season progresses, these two drivers could provide some excellent racing action and we hope the TV direction captures it next time.



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