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Handling Sebastian Vettel Will Be “Difficult and Unusual”- Ferrari

Handling Sebastian Vettel Will Be “Difficult and Unusual”- Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel

A little over two weeks have elapsed since Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari decided to part ways after the 2020 season ends. Since then, Ferrari has already replaced the outgoing Vettel with Carlos Sainz Jr. Vettel finds himself without a team for 2021 as of now. That doesn’t mean the 4-time world champion will have a lack of suitors. After all, the 2021 season is a long way away.

Sebastian Vettel may yet have a point to prove at Ferrari since he’ll still be gearing up for The Prancing Horse in the upcoming season.

Handling Sebastian Vettel for 2020 will be tricky

Piero Ferrari, the son of Ferrari’s founder Enzo and current vice president of the Ferrari automotive company, spoke to Il Resto del Carlino newspaper. He felt that Mattia Benotti, Scuderia Ferrari’s team principal, will have a tricky situation to deal with when it comes to handling Vettel during the 2020 season.

In his interview, Piero said,” Mattia Binotto must be able to handle an objectively difficult and  unusual situation since we have a driver who will leave at the end of the season.”

Additionally, he also made it clear as to what Ferrari’s priority will be,” I don’t know how my father would handle the situation, but he always said that the team counts more than the employees.”

Mattia Binotto has his fair share of critics. Bernie Ecclestone is one of them. The former F1 CEO who is also known as ‘F1 Supremo’ said,” The person in charge of the team is basically a super engineer. He’s (Binotto) been with Ferrari for more than 20 years. But they haven’t got a leader. That’s my opinion anyway.”

It would appear that Ferrari has a good number of things to work on and sort out not least the cost restrictions brought about by the approval of the new budget cap.  While for The Tifosi, it seems like they would have a number of things to keep an eye on not only for the 2020 season but even for the one after that.

As for Vettel, he’ll definitely be keeping his eyes peeled for a chance at the lucrative Mercedes drive, maybe his next season at Ferrari will decide if he gets a drive for the silver arrows in 2021.

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