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“Has Always Been a Key to Success” – Former Ferrari Driver’s Valuable Advice to Carlos Sainz

“Has Always Been a Key to Success” – Former Ferrari Driver’s Valuable Advice to Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz Jr.’s move to Ferrari was well deserved. The Spaniard had a breakthrough season at McLaren last year, he scored 96 points and beat a Red Bull for 6th place in the drivers’ championship. He also earned the Woking Outfit their first podium in 5 years! The last one came at the Australian Grand Prix in 2014, when the duo of Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Carlos isn’t a newbie in F1 and has a good experience of 102 starts to count upon. However, former F1 driver, Rubens Barrichello believes that the Spaniard will have to overcome his fear, once he joins a team like Ferrari.

Rubens Barrichello has a word of advice to offer future Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr


In an interview with Motorsport-Total.com, Barrichello said, “He is mentally and physically well prepared for the new challenge. But he must be able to control his fear. My suggestion is that he does things with which he can control his head. For me, meditation has always been a key to success. That suppressed my fears. I would advise him to do that too.”

This is what is necessary for the 25-year-old Spaniard to focus on if he wants to be a successful driver at the Maranello based outfit, according to Barrichello. It is something that has brought the Brazilian driver great success in F1. Barrichello was part of the Ferrari team that won 5 consecutive constructors’ championships. He also holds the record for the most starts in Formula One (322) and has amassed 11 wins and 68 podiums in his very successful career. So, Carlos could do a lot worse than follow his advice, once he joins the Prancing Horse in 2021.

Nevertheless, Carlos Sainz Jr. is still a McLaren driver for the upcoming season. He has indicated that he wants to leave the Woking-based outfit on a high and will be looking to match or perhaps, even surpass the brilliant season he had with them last year before he teams up with Charles Leclerc in 2021.


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