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After losing favor with Red Bull, Alex Albon was given a rare second breath of life, with Williams Racing in 2022. While the Thai-British driver’s professional life is filled with challenges, his personal life is equally wholesome. Alex Albon’s relationship with pro-golfer Lily Muni He is among the most loved in the paddock. Let’s look back on the story of how the adorable duo met, as told by Lily a few months ago.

In an interview in April, Lily Muni was asked by her hosts how she met Alex Albon. And her smiling answer was,  “It’s actually pretty crazy, you end up learning that the world is very very small.”


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At this point, every fan knows this fairytale-like story. Lily began watching Drive to Survive and took an interest in F1, and that is how it led her to Alex Albon.

Alex Albon caught her interest as the only Asian driver in F1 at the time. Finding it very inspiring, Lily followed him on social media. But then, according to Lily, Alex followed her back.

He DM’d me first, very smoothly,” Lily admitted. “But we were really just friends for the longest time. We really bonded over our sports or similarities that, you know, we see, we feel and all the struggles we were going through at the time. So we really bonded over that.”

“And after months and months of being friends, he eventually came to L.A. and we got to meet in person.”

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And the rest is history. The beautiful couple has been inseparable for the past three years, and are frequently seen together on racetracks.

Alex Albon reveals how Lily Muni impacted his golfing skills

Lily Muni He and Alex Albon’s relationship began with a beautiful connection over each other’s sports. And just like Lily got into F1, Alex, too, developed a strong passion for golf.

The two have honed and helped each other’s skills with their respective sports. Alex Albon frequently chronicles his golfing pursuits on social media, and recently opened up about how his relationship impacted his golfing.


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“I started pretty badly when I was with her, and I have improved,said Albon. “I can watch and I can learn and I looked at her tempo and she has an amazing swing. It’s almost textbook the way that her swing looks.”

Alex Albon’s admiration for his girlfriend’s expertise is truly heartwarming and is sure to make fans swoon. However, Albon also added, “But the problem with us is that she doesn’t know where to start with me. She’s not a golf coach, and she’s not used to having to change absolutely everything in a swing.”


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As things stand, Alex Albon and Lily Muni are making their international relationship work stunningly as both bond over their love for sports.

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