“He’s in the Last Phase of His Career” – Martin Brundle Believes Toto Wolff Could Influence the Future of Lewis Hamilton

June 29, 2020 2:29 pm

Despite it looking like smooth sailing ahead for Mercedes, it may not be so. While they are obviously the front-runners for yet another (7th) title, there remain question marks about their future in the sport. Mercedes’ contract as an F1 team, ends this year. With the pandemic still lurking around, one may never know if the Silver Arrows are considering to shut shop, although that may seem unlikely. However, If Mercedes were to back out of the sport, it would leave Lewis Hamilton without a drive for 2021. Keeping that in mind, former F1 racer and current F1 commentator Martin Brundle, suggests that Lewis should consider a switch to Mercedes’ rivals in the future.

Martin Brundle thinks Lewis Hamilton should consider a move to Ferrari

Brundle doesn’t think that Carlos Sainz, who will move to Ferrari in 2021, will be assured of a long term place at the Maranello-based outfit. Speaking to Sportsmail, he said, “I doubt that Sainz has got anything locked down in terms of anything beyond one season.”

“If Toto left Mercedes and they rowed back a bit with the global pandemic issues and cost cuts coming in F1, the whole scene is changing, then I think his (Hamilton’s) mind might have to turn again to have a look at Ferrari. I would if I was him.”

Furthermore, he said, “I’ve spoken to him about being dressed in red and standing on that podium ay Monza and looking at the crowd in Ferrari overalls. He said ‘I love red, I’ve got red in my crash helmet, it’s the color of passion’ but his stock answer was, ‘I’ve raced for Mercedes all of my F1 career.’ Think about it commercially, he can be an ambassador forever for that company so it would be a lot to walk away from.”

‘He is aware that he is in the last phase of his career,

However, for the moment it seems very unlikely that Hamilton would ever leave Mercedes for any other team. At the moment, all his focus would be on the 2020 season and nothing else. He’ll be looking for a strong start in Austria, to build up a foundation for his 7th career title, which would put him on par with the record for ‘most F1 titles,’ set by Michael Schumacher.

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