“He’s Not at His Peak Anymore”- Former F1 Rival Believes Fernando Alonso Wouldn’t Be Motivated on F1 Return

June 12, 2020 12:56 pm

Former F1 driver Mark Webber believes Fernando Alonso could potentially struggle if he returned to F1 next year. The Aussie thinks Alonso would struggle to stay motivated if he joins a midfield team. Moreover, Webber doesn’t see Alonso returning to F1 simply to slug it out in the midfield.

Webber on Fernando Alonso

In an ideal world, Fernando Alonso would be what Lewis Hamilton is today. Possibly with more World Championships and embarking towards the final years of his F1 career, having achieved everything there is to achieve. Sadly, his tenure in the pinnacle of motorsport fizzled out towards the end.

Now, the Spaniard has one more chance to make things right and return to F1 and rewrite the record books. Problem is, there are no seats available at teams that can power Alonso to wins and titles.

Realistically, the only “good” F1 team which desperately needs a driver of Alonso’s caliber is Renault. Unfortunately, it’s not the same team that helped Fernando win World Championships in F1.

As things stand, Renault is the fifth-best team in F1. It’s a solid midfield team that can score the odd P4, but that’s it. By joining Renault, Alonso would simply be picking up where he left off and not in a good way.

He initially left F1- a tired and frustrated driver after all the agony he endured driving for a then mediocre McLaren team. And that, Webber believes, is why it’s unlikely for Alonso to actually make a comeback. Speaking to the F1 Nation podcast, Webber said:

“Alonso’s a serial winner and mid-pack, that’s what he left F1 for, he was determined to say that, ‘if I can’t fight for podiums then I don’t want to be in Formula 1 “

Mark also feels Alonso is no longer at his peak as a driver and would struggle a little more, compared to his last run in F1

“That was the last message we had I think, so I don’t see [an] opportunity for podiums for him in terms of a team that can do that for him”

Is he going to be loyal to a new regime?, signing a two or three year F1 contract or is it just for 1 year ?”

At 38, Alonso can’t commit to a long journey of rebuilding an F1 team and restoring its lost glory.

it’s going to be very challenging for him to stay motivated for two years”

Abhishek Bharadwaj

Abhishek Bharadwaj is an F1 author at EssentiallySports. While his Formula One idols include Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher, he also supports the Aston Martin F1 team. He holds an engineering degree in Information Science but has undying passion for fast cars.

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