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Despite his best efforts, Lewis Hamilton suffered a disappointing end to the Hungarian GP weekend. The Brit, for the first time since 2021, the Brit secured pole position for a race. However, thanks to a poor start, Hamilton quickly fell to P4 at the start of the race during the opening lap. We are not sure who is to blame, but Hamilton showcased his candor and quickly apologized on the radio to his team for the poor start. Many will forgive Hamilton for this rare misstep. However, Nelson Piquet Jr. found Hamilton’s poor start in the race amusing and mocked the Brit. This invoked the fury of the LH army and the fans did not spare his father as well.

Despite the poor start, Brit kept his head down and stayed in the race. The Mercedes man kept the pressure up throughout the race and finished at P4. This marked yet another race after the upgrades installed on the W14. Hamilton finished a race in the top four. However, Nelson Piquet did not let him live down the poor start.

The son of three-time world champion Nelson Piquet took to Instagram to poke fun at the Brit. As seen on Twitter, Piquet Jr. took to Instagram to mock Hamilton for the poor start.


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However, the LH army had Hamilton’s back. Piquet Jr. opened a can of worms as the fans brutally mocked the Brazilian while also dragging his father through the mud.

Fans brutally mock Nelson Piquet Jr. and drag his father also through the mud to back Lewis Hamilton

The fans were quick to point out how the most talked about Piquet Jr. ever did in Formula 1 was crash gate back in 2008. Apart from him, fans also brought up the infamous racist comments toward Hamilton from his father. This jibe toward Hamilton for a poor race start definitely did not sit well with the Hamilton stans. Let’s look at some of the reactions.

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The Piquet family’s personal vendetta with Hamilton might surface from time to time. However, the fans leave no stone unturned to let their feelings known about their assessment of the Brit. Piquet Jr. definitely got some more proof of that with his Instagram story.

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