Horner Concedes Mercedes Car on Another Level but Warns of Domination ‘Coming to an End’

October 2, 2020 4:10 pm

Red Bull is a solid 176 points behind Mercedes. Although the situation isn’t ideal for the RBR, the team appears optimistic about 2021. They hope that there is still time for the team to bounce back. The supposition is not impossible, but improbable. The race at Monza was a onetime miracle. Mercedes on the podium in every race is the most probable picture, given the current state of affairs.

Formula One F1 – Italian Grand Prix – Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy – September 5, 2020 Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton gets out his car after qualifying in pole position REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini

Christian Horner recently agreed that the Silver Arrows have produced the ‘most complete’ F1 car of the era. The statement itself shows the appreciation of the team towards the German constructors. It also goes forward to show that Red Bull will have a tough time chasing the leaders and knocking them down.

“Mercedes has done a very good job this year. It is probably their most complete and rounded car, probably of the last six or seven years for them. So they’ve set the bar very high, but that’s what we have to aim for,” said the team principal at Red Bull.

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Is there a way to beat Mercedes?

To set up a fight against the best car on the grid, Horner and his team will have to burn the midnight oil. Considering that the RB16s have faced problems with both aerodynamics and engines, the designers have an order ahead of them. To top that off, the guideline of this year’s car going into 2021 should be in mind.

“Obviously, this car is the basis of next year’s car; There’s probably about 60% of the car that is carried over, so obviously we’re working very hard to understand and unlock further performance in the car between now and the end of the year,” remarked Horner.

“I’m confident we can collectively get there. Mercedes have had such a period of domination but as we all know, in sport, at some point in time that will come to an end. That’s inevitable.”

The team realizes that there are no shortcuts to greatness. Mercedes took a decade to develop the car and strategies. The result of that hard work is what they reap on the tracks for the past seven seasons. Horner clarifies that Red Bull aims for that same amount of dedication to compete with the list leaders.

“There is no silver bullet; We need to improve across all areas of the car. So the whole team and together with Honda, we are focused on doing that,” expressed Horner.

Horner has been around the F1 circus for a long time. Thus, he knows that each team has an era, and it ends eventually. The same happened for Ferrari and the same will happen for Mercedes. He targets that period to jump over them and grab the lead.

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