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In this current generation of Formula 1, we’ve got some really bright stars. And as things stand, the future of F1 is safe in the hands of these young drivers. Chief amongst them is McLaren‘s own British superstar, Lando Norris. The 23-year-old is often touted as a future world champion, and rightly so. However, one cannot lose sight of the fact that the fans and Norris himself have been very lucky indeed to witness his presence in the sport in the current landscape of things.

Economically, the sport has been the most inaccessible in probably its 70+ year history. Naturally, even though the Brit has excelled in F1 ever since his debut in 2019 on merit, his path to glory was made easier due to his father, Adam Norris’ immense wealth and resources. But who exactly is Adam Norris and how did he enable his son to embark on the journey to arguably become one of F1’s biggest stars?

Who is Lando Norris’ father Adam Norris?


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Admittedly, a lot is not known about the formative years of Adam Norris. That being said, one thing is for sure. He shared a mutual passion for motorsport with his son, Lando. And through his exploits in the world of commerce, the 49-year-old amassed a bevvy of wealth and an opportunity for Lando Norris to shine on the biggest stage in global racing.

Lando Norris’ father is an entrepreneur and investor by profession. And he’s done a pretty solid job at it, too. According to Otakukart.com, “Adam currently serves as the CEO of Horatio Investment Ltd. It’s a private investment company that was established by Adam in 2010.”

And while a solid chunk of his earnings and savings would’ve gone into shaping and financing the racing career of a young Lando Norris, the Bristol resident himself has slogged enough to still live a life of comfort and luxury.

What is Adam Norris’ net worth?

Given that he is such a prominent personality in the business circles, it won’t be a surprise to learn that he indeed is one of the most affluent men in England. But how much is the Brit worth exactly?

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According to reports, “Lando Norris’s father, Adam Norris, has accumulated a net worth of around $205 Million.” Starting small, as we all do, Norris aimed big. Through strategic investments and grabbing the right business opportunities, he carved a career and a superb life out of it for himself, his family; Lando, Flo, Cisca and Oliver.

All in all, what caps off his career is the fact that he was ranked the 501st richest man in England!

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Now that the numbers are out of the way, how exactly did Adam Norris hustle his way through to such affluence?

How did Lando Norris’ father earn his fortune?

Lando Norris wants to carve out his way to the very top of Formula 1. Luckily for him, he has his father as an example to see exactly how one reaches the very zenith of any enterprise they undertake.

Reports suggest that, “He has 20 years of investment expertise in his present capacity as CEO of Horatio Investments Ltd, a private investment company he founded in 2010. Because he learnt on the job from the ground up, he has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the investment life cycle. Hargreaves Lansdown invested in his business idea when he was 26 years old.”

What’s more? It’s been reported that “He [Adam Norris] made around $2 million from the sport [of racing] alone.” Though the exact details of this venture are not known.


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And as any good businessman worth his salt would do, Norris has his eyes set firmly on the future. According to the website of his latest venture, Pure Electric, “Serial entrepreneur Adam, became managing director of Pensions Direct at just 33.”

“Having built up one of the most successful pensions advice organizations in the market, he now focuses his time on his various investments but primarily Pure Electric. Adam believes passionately that Pure can make a meaningful difference to the environment and is driven to make us the go-to brand for e-mobility.”

“Known for innovation and being an early adopter, Adam pushes us to be ahead of the game and at the forefront of new tech.” 


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Hence, has Lando Norris always been built up for success?

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